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    1. Her favorite band is My Chemical Romance.2. She has a Pepsi addiction.3. She prefers regular pop to diet.4. Her favorite coffees are hazelnut lattes, followed by caramel macchiatos and finally, hazelnut coffee frappacinos.5. Her husband/future husband is/will be Frank Iero.6. She's a sucker for guitarists/drummers and guys in eyeliner.7. Her birthday is on September 20th, mark your calendars...8. Her favorite colors are black and lime green.9. Her best friend is Ashley aka Hitsugayagrl.10. Her obsession with My Chemical Romance and music pretty much consumes her life.11. Her favorite store is Hot Topic.12. She names her iPod (Frankster) and never leaves home without it, no matter where she's going.13. Her cell phone's name is Anthony Arthur James Manuel Nathan Stumph the Third.14. Her camera will be named Gerard Arthur Way II.15. She wears glasses and contacts.16. Lives in Ann Arbor/Sunnyvale.17. Righty.18. Her favorite TV show is was Viva La Bam.19. Her favorite movie is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.20. Her favorite book is Interview With a Vampire by Anne Rice.21. Celebrity crush = Frankie Iero. No duh....22. Her favorite holidays are Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.23. Her favorite season is fall/winter.24. She has an extensive shoe collection, which is still growing. 25. Her Adios are her favorite shoes. (Her Chucks come in close second)26. She'll wear jeans every day of the year if she had her way.27. She is a vampire.28. She won't kill you unless you piss her off.29. Has five dogs. {Not really mine but I claim Tazz, Bailey, Honey(Bear), (Danger)Ranger, and Dallas (Cowboy)}30. Angie-Cobra Starship, currently stuck in her head.31. Is rarely if ever seen without a necklace. period.32. Chews gum like candy.33. No man will match up to the members of My Chemical Romance.34. Once a year, she'll let go of her inhibitions. Yah right...35. Wants to go to Europe (Specifically Finland and the lands of her Foremothers...).36. She'll eat Chipotles with anyone and talk about music 24/7.37. She's way too much of an internet junkie.38. No tattoos or piercings other than ears, yet.39. She watches music videos and interviews with My Chemical Romance when she's bored.40. Is an avid text messager.41. Her eyes change shades of blue with her emotions.42. She wears a bronze necklace on a leather string with a two-sided pendant (a pentagram on one side and a skull and cross bones on the other).43. band tees.44. First celebrity crush was on Benji Madden.45. She's German, English, Irish, Czech, Sicilian, Welsh and a whole load of other shit. Big time white girl.46. Her favorite month is September.47. She bakes like a pastry chef; she wishes...48. She watches LA Ink quite often.49. She's not a complete bitch, and she's rarely honest. That's life.50. She reads a lot.51. She prefers chocolate over vanilla.52. She has to have a green straw with her slurpees.53. She sleeps with two pillows. One for her head the other to hold.54. She has slight OCD.55. She plays solitaire.56. Likes watching old Simpsons episodes.57. She and Ash fight a lot, but they really do each other, platonically speaking, of course.58. Her favorite cereal is Count Chocula, followed by Cocoa Pebbles, then Cheerios.59. Can't stand the TV show The Simple Life.60. Gets called a bitch quite a bit. Eh...some people are just jealous.61. Current location: her dorm room.62. Her favorite candy bar is Twix (caramel). Cause there's two for me, none for you...63. She despises Paris Hilton for all she is not worth.64. She's stepped on a bee.... ouch.65. She'll loves to talk online, so message her.66. She can guarantee Pansy rules the world even in her deceased state.67. Doesn't believe that coffee stunts your growth.68. Caffiene has no affect on her anymore. 69. She can't wait for two tours this year:: The Warped Tour and The Honda Civic....

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    I'm a My Chemical Romance fan. I know far more about their music than their personal lives which I think makes it easier to write them as my own characters. Worship the music, never the musician. W...

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