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    I'm Elle, the Brat. Just call me Elle, or make up a nickname - I'm not fussy.

    I read, I write, I RP, I cosplay. I'm a nerd, don't you love that? (Why yes, I am the girl that sits up the front and answers all questions correctly, but is failing because she never hands in her work.)

    I've got me a FanFiction(dot)Net account, a MediaMiner one (that I am not going to link to, because some of my worse stories are on there and... No, thank you.), a DeviantArt - and if you're going to that one, I have to ask you to ignore the artwork. Please.

    I also have an LJ, and that's rinoa_h_c_l. Without the full-stop. (And an LJ is a LiveJournal, and the website for that is www.livejournal.com.)

    My account names almost always have "Elle" and "Brat" in there somewhere (my LJ being the one exception, thanks to me having made it before I got my nickname), so if one of my stories is floating about with something like that as the pen-name, then it's probably me.

    And if it's not, well, I hope that they at least took the one good story I've written.

    I don't mind if people don't review. No, really, I don't mind. XD; I'm the type who hardly ever reviews, because I have nothing to say, so I understand. (I also understand if you're just lazy.) As long as I get some feedback, I'm quite happy. And trust me, with the amount of accounts I have in various places? I get feedback.

    I do take requests, writing-wise. I may not ever actually get around to writing it, but I'll still try! If you're going to request something, please make sure that, if it's het, it is not anything more than cuddling. I will not write anything further than that, het-wise.

    Aside from that, I will write just about anything. If I somehow discover a squick of mine, I'll either let you know or keep writing it anyway, because it'll squick others. And that's always fun.

    Right, so, I'm done pimping myself.

    Remember, people! Readers will read, reviewers will review, but only if writers write!

    Disclaimer: I do not claim to own anything related to any of the series I write about, and in the event that I use an original character, I will state so in the work of fiction.

    (Ah, and anyone who knows how to get the story uploader thing to not kill my HTML? Please let me know. Time After Time looks like a trainwreck.)

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