• Username: illavira
  • Member Since: 2007-11-11
  • Real name: Ari Vallivaara
  • Quillian

    Hi, my name is Quillian! I originally started fanfiction at, but after some of the changes they've made, I moved here! Also, I often make references to other fanfiction peopl...
  • Plshade

  • marietsy

    I have a yahoo group for my stories. I usually update it first.
  • The_Missinglink

    Well there's not much to say. I'm 20 years old, I live in the U.S., although I'm a big fan of British films and books, so my writing emulates that a bit. I mainly write Harry Potter fics, but I r...
  • mrmistoffelees

  • drstln

    I'm a 26 year old guy that is very sadly into Harry Potter fanfiction. I enjoy science fiction and fantasy novels, and love Japanese Anime.
  • loopy_laz

  • vash_the_unholy

  • Oldwolf

    Hiya folks. Well, let's get the important stuff out of the way first eh? For purposes of sex scenes, I draw a hard and fast limit at age 15. You won't find a story posted by me featuring young...
  • Aerin

    "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost. From the ashes a fire shall be woken, a light...
  • Lachesis

    Female, American, in college, and working, and thus without as much time to write as I'd like. My account, with more of my stories, is here:
  • Shadowface

    I haven't written anything in a while. I've an extreme case of writers block.
  • Jaded110

  • twistedmic

    I got my start on, at the beginning stages of their recent regime change and subsequent rules & regs about types of stories, ratings and the use of lyrics,and have decided to movr all of m...
  • Midknight_J

    Used the screenname JMD_009 over at
  • WBH21C

    I read and write, therefore I am.
  • Person

    I live in Michigan, I like what seem to other people to be cracked-out pairings (plus some regular ones), and though I write a lot I switch wildly between stories while I'm doing so so it takes me ...
  • LadyFoxFire

    I'm not cruel, I'm just evil.
  • SirSmithy

  • PuckSilverbreeze

    My fics often have Uber and BDSM overtures. The place to talk about my fics interactively is
  • JediLeah

    Putting all the other Jedi to shame since 1999. Updates 10/18/05 - I didn't know there was a Dir en grey section! I added three of my short Diru stories since they have a proper place. Two are ...
  • HonksAholic

  • kendog52361

    Likes: Books: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth; J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series; Tom Clancy; Star Trek; Star Wars Movies: The Star Wars Saga; Peter Jackson’s The Lord ...
  • Nightspore

  • fash_101

    Hey... im 18... love HHr and HATE H/G, R/Hr.... well thats about it i guess... Luke
  • SilverWolf7007

    Wolfie currently writes fanfiction in the Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist fandoms, and has also begun to develop the tendency to refer to herself in the third person. She is not sure why.
  • Lord_Ravenclaw

  • Easysurfing

  • bigdonadiet

  • stuffjeff

  • darkinferno

    Name: Darkinferno Nationality: British Email: Favourite Movie: Underworld Favourite Book: Game of Thrones Blog: ...
  • Mrriddler

    ATTENTION: The stories contained under this profile at this site will no longer be updated.
  • DarthBill

    Hi. I'm William. I enjoy Harry Potter and Danny Phantom fanfics. And Dr. Pepper.
  • apocalypso

    Click on my website to read my profile...i don't want to type it out again.
  • Cypher3au

  • whatareyouevensaying

  • Coolone007

  • SamStone

    Just a guy writing a story that some people like. I like HP, Ranma, BTVS and recently Naturo fanfics.
  • loralee1

    I've been writing little stories for a while now and really want to improve the quality. Constructive critisism is weclome. I have stuff on fanfiction net under the same pen name and a couple...
  • BrianJ

  • twilliams1797

  • haymak

    Hi everyone! I have been reading fanfiction for almost 2 years now and have finally gotten up the guts to write a story of my own. I have written the first 4 chapters to start and am hoping to ad...
  • red_jacobson

    I'm 51 years old, living in Nashville, Tennessee; and; when I'm not writing Harry Potter or Buffy-verse fan-fiction; you can find me writing my own information products. My favorite Harry ships ar...
  • adolf3

    Ok, I'm just a 24 year-old College student who has no ambition to be a writer, but I read a hell of a lot. I can promise you that any story I do post will be finished, but probably not for several...
  • AncientzDream

    Click to join Lair_of_the_Ancient_Dreamer Age: 32 Sex: Female Formatting issue solved!!! Woohoo!!! I live in the sunny, hurricane prone southwest florida panhandle and love the t...
  • paddyboy3960

  • cloneserpents

  • iamhawk

    30+ year old Swedish fanfiction writer, known as The Crazy Swede, The Deviant Viking and I am also very proud of my reputation as the fanfiction worlds laziest updater. :)
  • ElizabethSpiegel

    Hello, there's not really much to say about least that I really want to share with people...I like to write, poetry, songs, stories (both adult and some childrens for my neices and nephews)...
  • DrT

    Writer & reader of Harry Potter fan fics when not being a History professor.
  • Oblivion12

    Not much about me. Except that I hate Slash or any form of Male/Male Stories. seriously it creeps the hell out of me.(no offence to the ones who wrote them and reads them) At the current moment,...
  • Dark_Mage

    I'm having touble with my stories at the moment as you can probably tell from the lack of updates posted. I'm in a pickle with the pairing for my Harry Potter/LOTR crossover. Here are the new o...
  • MasterKtulu

    I wrote a Harry/Bellatrix story called “Fear of the Dark” ( ) that never got anywhere, so I abandoned it. I gave a few authors permission either to pick-u...
  • madnesspersonified

    Information on my Stories: Heart of the Warrior Book I: Origins of the Warrior AU Ninja Turtles Harry Potter crossover. Leonardo and Raphael disobey their Master Splinter and go to the surf...
  • wimvincken

  • Alorkin

    I am a 47 year old widowed father of one 14 year old daughter. I work as a carpenter and in those precious few moments I have between those two jobs, I like to read and write fanfiction, draw and ...
  • blackshadow

  • Triggerbox

    I'm Lazy.
  • aniraangel

    A girl whom goes by the name of Stephanie and hails from way down under in Australia. She grew up in love with the written word and it has not stopped since, though not happy with just reading her ...
  • malko050987

  • Ham

  • selenepotter

    IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! I have moved to a different continent. If you are interested in keeping up with me, I will be publishing my adventures on Livejournal under the name: expatjournal ...
  • darthme1011

    update april 30 2012 still alive but my muse has been dead for a while i've been moving around alot trying to scrape by.. i do hope at some point to get back to my HP story but don't know when i ...
  • scruffy1

    Just an old man with eight godchildren. Working for a company that is restricting personal use of THEIR computer during lunch and before work more and more. Writing FanFic during my lunch time ...
  • Geovanni_Luciano

    Hello all. Just a head's up. I've been working on updating Season of Hell and Quest for Pieces and am currently mapping those updates, however due to real life, not sure when I will be updating soo...
  • torres_arkel

    Name's Torres. Been 2 years since I started reading Fan Fics. I like powerful Harry fics, ones that he doesn't rely on other for his every move. I'm an HHr fan because I simply can't see...
  • tumshie1960

  • grenouille

    I'm just a tired old hippie with too many kids that got sucked into JKR's sandbox and stayed to play. I'm also collaborating with Herman Tumbleweed on another story called Oh No! Not Again! It c...
  • veraklon

    Well... where to begin? I think I can sum up what I prefer very easily: I want Harry to succeed. Sounds simple doesn't it? Well, its amazing how there are so many stories where Harry come...
  • hokiechick

  • sandalhatman

    Not really too much to say. I've been reading FanFiction for so long I decided to try my hand at writing some. Funnily enough, I wanted to start out by writing an HP story, but instead I starte...
  • Dragen

    About Me! Name: As far as you need to know I’m Dark Dragen or Dragen, depending what site I’m on. Age: So you don’t think I’m a teenager, I’m 33. Gander: Male. Pr...
  • Thor_Nairda

    Hey all, been a fanfiction writer for a few years now with a couple of slow updating but relatively successful fics - Shadowplay, The Demon Within and the Of Elves and Magic duo. Recently I decided...
  • Silver_Griff

  • Talon

  • fitzgerald

  • tjin

    Well lets see, i'm 23 a hard worker and love reading a good book by a cozy fire... no wait wrong Bio... i'm Tjin As my stories point out i am an avid Xander writer. here is some info about ho...
  • angelican

    female. wanderer. daydreamer. romantic realist.
  • lady_remus

    Hiya My name is Helen. I'm 23 and from Manchester in England. I have been writing fan fiction since May 2006. I am putting every one of my fan fiction since the beginning as they were first put...
  • PerfesserN

    Married with three cats. Guitarist and occasional sketch artist, painter. Writer of things seen and unseen.
  • jeansvenus

    I have put all my stories on what seems like a permanent hiatus while I focus on being a full-time student and full-time girlfriend. Starbucksmocha has adopted my two Harry Potter fics, and I beli...
  • dhampirkinfolk

    I'm male, 30, married, and unemployed. I have one kid and two step-kids. Further personal information shall be provided upon request, but keep in mind Rule#19: Don't ask questions you don't want an...
  • Rotaryfile

  • corey123

    love harry potter
  • xxsapphireravenxx

  • SNS

  • Ravenwood240

    Gah... Everyone wants a Bio, and I despise writing them. Go to my screenname on (Ravenwood240), and read that one. I'm not writing another one.
  • Vanir

    One pathetically piss-poor author with a Bachelor's degree in Norse mythology. Part of the point of this fic is an attempt to explain my thesis in a way that makes sense. I'm mostly trying to make ...
  • Clell65619

    - Sadly, I've stopped posting on Ficwad because the interface for uploading to the site has just become far too much work. I spent an hour and an half attempting to upload a chapter to Sun Source a...
  • Aelfwine

    Thirtyish graduate student, musician, and fan. Dweller in the Federal Republic of Confusion. Hater of badfic. OBHWF shipper for a given value of OBHWF, that value being some variant on Harry/Gin...
  • HarryGinnyTonks

  • mathmans

  • GinnyMyLove

    You can ignore the name. My favorite stories are not Ginny centric, I absolutely love Ginny as part of a trio or more. I especially love FlamingNargles (HarryGinnyLuna). I am currently beta for ...
  • fleur4ever

  • stargatesg1fan1

    22 year old physics math and engineering major. I've written several fics under the penname stargatesg1fan1. They are posted on, hpfanficarchive, ficsite, and here.
  • smfiction

  • codewarriorace_

  • kcourtkat

    Harry Potter: I don't believe in canon after fifth year. Any HP fanfic I write will disregard the last two books. Or disregard canon entirely. I like fics were Harry is strong, smart, and/or ...
  • The_Blood_Rider

  • bluminous

  • joehundredaire

  • Seelvor

    I'm a die-hard Harmony shipper, with the occasional Harry/Multi thrown in. Love lots of different genres, but I only seem to write Harry Potter fanfiction.
  • Uthrafw

  • stick97

  • reptilia28

  • silphalion

  • Scriptare

    Reading and writing fanfiction with the atom of space I call 'free time'. That or I'm working... again.
  • Nightrunner

    Sex: as often as possible Age: old enough to know better Eyes: 2 (4 with glasses) Hair: yes Height: tall enough that my feet touch the ground Weight: nunya bleedin' business! Marital status: ...
  • NoOneInteresting

    I've been a fanfic lurker since just before OotP. Been a wannabe fanfic writer (meaning I write outlines but never write the stories) since just after. I live in a small town in California t...
  • HoosYourDaddy

    My story, "It Could Only Happen to Harry," has been added to for those of you who wish to follow it on a more user-friendly site.
  • Blkphnx

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