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    TAICHOU LOVES REVIEWS. I'm also known as Touda on, and, so please don't think I'm plagiarizing these works. They're all my own. XD Just for the record, and also, please note that in most of my Bleach fanfiction, I refer to Ichimaru Gin as Ichimaru Ginyanote, because of an error by a fansub group and my personal love for the 'name'. DO NOT send reviews or notes telling me that it isn't his name. I KNOW IT ISN'T. What's to say really? I'm 26 years old, addicted to incestual anime relationships and I have an almost creepy obsession with yaoi and slash fiction. Bleach and Initial D are the current fandoms I'm working in, but I'm still a sucker for the others I've listed below. UPDATE~ December 1st, 2007. I've opened the door for requests again. Please check back here for details. If I close the door again, it will be posted here. Currently, I have two long-standing fics on the go, so please email me with details and I'll give you a timeline. Usually these fics are written simply for fun, but if you find yourself to be a good fan artist and are willing to exchange fics for pics, please feel free to email or message me directly through the message option here on the site. Animes I will write for (including requests, although a few of these fandoms I haven't written fics for in ages or yet but will eventually): Bleach, Initial D, Yami no Matsuei, Naruto, Escaflowne, Gundam Wing, Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, Gravitation and Weiss Kreuz. Pairings I'm in love with: (although for requests, I'm not limited to these. I can write whomever you choose.) Bleach: Renji/Byakuya (and the reverse, though not very often) Gin/Ukitake (because Gin = luff and Ukitake's adorably sicky) Gin/Kira Aizen/Gin (my OTP) Renji/Kira Grimmjow/Ulquiorra Aizen/Grimmjow Initial D: Ryosuke/Keisuke (with both boys taking turns in position, Ryo/Kei or Kei/Ryo) Ryosuke/Kyoichi Ryosuke/Takumi Keisuke/Takumi Shingo/Takeshi Naruto: Itachi/Sasuke (young or current age, I enjoy either, as well as Uchihacest of other kinds such as Itachi/Shisui and to a lesser extent, Itachi/Fugaku, this pairing only to solicit Itachi's dominance over his own father) Orochimaru/Kabuto (preferrably a Kabuto with some attitude as I loathe a simple master/servant relationship between them) Orochimaru/Kimimaro (done to canon, canon past before Kimimaro's demise or AU where he lives, etc) Orochimaru/Jiraiya (during their childhood days and up until Orochimaru left Konohagakure) Basically any Oto-nin/Oto-nin (such as Kimimaro/Kabuto, Kimimaro/Kidoumaru, Sakon/Ukon etc.) Yami no Matsuei: Touda/Tsuzuki (and Tsuzuki/Touda on the occasions when I allow Tsuzuki's 'Tsumibito' demon to surface) Touda/SohRyu Tsuzuki/SohRyu Saagatanasu!Tsuzuki/Hijiri (odd I know, but I figure the boy had it coming, especially since Saaga eyed him so critically)

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