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  • Person

    I live in Michigan, I like what seem to other people to be cracked-out pairings (plus some regular ones), and though I write a lot I switch wildly between stories while I'm doing so so it takes me ...
  • rocky_horror

    I love to write romances. i am a hopeless romantic.
  • iluvgee

    Charll..&& Im kinda new at this stuff. So yeah give us chance =] If you review my story(s) regular, I post new chapters regular; simple. Oh and don't even bother copying my stories and pas...
  • rawrlittledino

    I remember when the Fall Out Boy section was a family.Our boys came off of hiatus...So did I.
  • RangerPrincess

    ashley. 19. female. slash addict. MCR lover. what else is there to know? i love slash. period. don't care much for the pairing, as long as the plot is good and good grammar. i think being br...
  • killmyending

    If you'd like to contact me for any reason whatsoever, you can try me at any of my IM addresses but honestly, you'd be better off emailing me or messaging me through here. By the way, I don't bit...
  • GunSlingerGirl

    People call me Alice. But my real name's Alana. Call me either I don't really mind. I love my friends, My Chemical Romance, the rain, storms and movies. My obsessions include MCR, Gerar...
  • MCR_dynamite

    -----If you look on my favourites, there are some things there that shouldn't be. Stuff that I didn't add and stuff that I cannot delete, which is pissing me off----- . . . Hi, guys. A lot of...
  • MySweetRomance

    Don't think there's much to write here, don't really think anyone will read it so I'll keep it short and simple.Guess the important things are:I love to write, but I'm not on here often as I have p...
  • hopeanne

  • hyperballad13

    I write I listen to music And I generally try to make this world a better place. Im sat here waiting for him to come and heal my heart and knowing that he never feel And I just wanted t...
  • frankxgerard

    THIS ACCOUNT IS NO LONGER UPDATED. So... When I was 12 to 14 or so, I wrote a LOT of My Chemical Romance fanfiction, and posted it here. It's monstrously bad. Gratuitous in every way...
  • Sorrows

    Vicious & Romantic is my first fanfic _ever, so if you gave me an honest comment and told me what you think about it, that would be very much appreciated! Reading and NOT commenting, that kinda qua...
  • xXHeavenHelpUsXx

    Hello there. I'm Lindsey. First off, myspace-www.myspace.com/blueeyedbeauty432 bebo-LindseyLachrymosa imnotokay.net-TearsOfBlood iamfan.com-IcyBlues alright... 2 of my biggest inspi...
  • ficfriction

    Notices: 5/20/13 - Did some editing to Closure! ---> Changed Untitled to Chicago On Fire! ---> Posted chapter 5 of Chicago On Fire
  • crystalcrash

    Hey all! xD I don't know how exactly, but i've become obsessed with Frerard... don't those two realize how great they'd be together??!! Right now I'm working on a story called "The Savior of the ...
  • TheMarmiteKid

    Welcome. I am Marmite. I am not as simple as love, or as complex as hate. I have a lot of answers, but not all of them are right. I have more answers that need questions than questions ...
  • RyanRossLuver

    Emmi likes: Panic At the Disco My Chemical Romance Fall Out Boy Paramore The Academy Is... The Used Simple Plan Cobra Starship Frerard Ryden Joncer Frikey (Wayro) ...
  • sydneyportela

  • Wannabe_Vampire

    Uhh...Hello. Frank and Gerard are the smexiest creatures on earth. I fuckin luv Freard fics. Im not good at writing stories and it makes me sad... I live for music and love to draw... Some of my fa...
  • GerardWayisSex

    My name is Finch and I love Frerard. To me, it's like crack. I can't go a day without reading or writing it. If you have some Frerard for me, send it to me. I'll be happy to have it. But, I'm afrai...
  • GhostOfYouMW

    Well, I'm not so little anymore. 19 and counting. I'm from england, and currently stduying psychology at the university of southampton. I don't write so much anymore, but I do love to read what cre...
  • EvolHexx

    Lizzie 15 Green Day Freak Straight Edge Vegggiiieeee! :) Frerard Lover. (WOOHOO!)
  • TheSharpestLives

    Yerrp, Thats up there be me.... Sucks, huh? Bet'cha all thought a fly had exploded on ur screen, but nope, only me ;)
  • sleepyfaerie

    oooh... ok this is me and ummm... ok... I love music basically MCR obsessive and a complete Frerard whore *blushes* anyways... if you want to know me look at: http://sleepyfaerie.deviant...
  • khunwantedxx

    my names sydnie im obsessed with freard! XD and i've only ritten a couple of fanfics because i just state stuff that sounds like it would be a good fanfic so my sister told me to write em down ...
  • GerardWayRocksMCR

    I just wanna take this little space to thank the people who have inspired me to write my stories about Gerard.... I heart you all! Lately im finding trouble writing long chapters cus usually im in ...
  • alice93

    I know I'm not the greatest writer, but I'm here to improve.
  • zombie_toast

  • AshamedToRiseAndBe

    Andria :) AJ # Sydney Australia,, Small town girl, Big city life. Because,That's the way I roll :) >> English is not my first language. My writng may not be up to certain standards...
  • ScaryKid

  • XxMy_Sweet_RevengexX

    Consider this my deletion of this account. Peace out.
  • xXi_luv_gerardXx

  • lilrainforest

  • Panic_FOB_Obsessive

    Hey! As you can tell from my username, I love Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy. I also love MCR, The Academy Is..., Cobra Starship, Muse...and basically too many more to write down. As far a...
  • sweetbittermiss

  • AshTheDeathBat

    If for one minute you think you're better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You ...
  • IntoHerKillingJar

    Y'know, i'm just your average fan girl. :L I say YES to Frerard. I'll pretty much talk to anyone, so leave me reviews and i'll message you back :]
  • NotWavingButDrowning

    Nobody heard him, the dead man, But still he lay moaning: (I was much further out than you thought And not waving but drowning.) Poor chap, he always loved larking And now he's dead It must...
  • KirstinRevenge

    no this is NOT the kirstin revenge you're thinking of. i just used that name so ppl will read it. apparently she has SOME kind of connection w/ MCR [ahem, my fav. band] and ppl adore her/ wanna ...
  • BellaBeloved

    I basically love my chem with a firey passion. They fuel all my music and Bob Bryar is basically the reason why I am a drummer. I am more of a reader, not a writer, but I probably will write some o...

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