• Username: Pulse_Puppy
  • Member Since: 2009-04-14
  • Real name: Neil R. S.
  • MSN: MOEMOE_is_watchin_u
  • AIM: KennyKumonu
  • Bio:
    I mostly like to draw, but writting sci fi, which I usally do, is like, well lets just say its one of my loves. That & poetry. Besides that, just ask if you want to know about me. I WON'T BE ONLINE MUCH, I HAVE CHANGES GOING ON IN MY LIFE THAT MERIT MORE CLOSER INVESTIGATION.
  • Shamera

    A Canadian University student who spends all her time reading and writing rather than studying for her tests and doing term papers. :P Shammy is currently obsessed with the Fullmetal Alchemist, D.G...
  • tammalee

    I don't write very often but I enjoy it. ^_^
  • BlackRose

    "A story comes and says, "Write me." My job is to try to serve it to the best of my ability, which is never good enough, but all I can do is listen to it, do what it tells me and collaborate." --...
  • Quillian

    Hi, my name is Quillian! I originally started fanfiction at www.fanfiction.net, but after some of the changes they've made, I moved here! Also, I often make references to other fanfiction peopl...
  • marietsy

    I have a yahoo group for my stories. I usually update it first. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/marietsysfanfic/
  • kerryblaze

  • trollopfop

    Wow, everything here's really out of date.
  • sheepy

    Melissa was once a philosophy major, and is now an underappreciated office drudge. She enjoys procrastination, rotting her brain with comics, and talking about herself in third person. Her absolute...
  • Laylah

    This account is not active, as you can probably tell by the last date I've uploaded any fiction. I just don't really have the time to keep up archiving on multiple sites, and my primary home is els...
  • Oldwolf

    Hiya folks. Well, let's get the important stuff out of the way first eh? For purposes of sex scenes, I draw a hard and fast limit at age 15. You won't find a story posted by me featuring young...
  • Lachesis

    Female, American, in college, and working, and thus without as much time to write as I'd like. My fanfiction.net account, with more of my stories, is here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/352084/
  • twistedmic

    I got my start on ff.net, at the beginning stages of their recent regime change and subsequent rules & regs about types of stories, ratings and the use of lyrics,and have decided to movr all of m...
  • PuckSilverbreeze

    My fics often have Uber and BDSM overtures. The place to talk about my fics interactively is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pucksilverbreezefanfiction/
  • GinnyWeasley

    I'm a fourteen year old aspiring to be a famous author... FAVORITE... Movies? Harry Potter 1-3 (and soon 4), Star Wars, LOTR, The Notebook, National Treasure, The Patriot, PotO, and a whole b...
  • SilverWolf7007

    Wolfie currently writes fanfiction in the Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist fandoms, and has also begun to develop the tendency to refer to herself in the third person. She is not sure why.
  • bigdonadiet

  • Izzy

    A twenty-three year old college student who has been writing she was the tender age of 13/14, swinging from fandom to fandom, currently absorbed in Star Wars prequelfic, and stuck there due to an a...
  • loralee1

    I've been writing little stories for a while now and really want to improve the quality. Constructive critisism is weclome. I have stuff on fanfiction net under the same pen name and a couple...
  • BeckyO-Calahan

    Call me Becky. Or Rebecca. Or, to compromise, Rebecki. Becky is best. I live in the city of Sarnia, in Ontario. I have an absurd passion for the TV show Corner Gas that may or may not be caused ...
  • red_jacobson

    I'm 51 years old, living in Nashville, Tennessee; and; when I'm not writing Harry Potter or Buffy-verse fan-fiction; you can find me writing my own information products. My favorite Harry ships ar...
  • AncientzDream

    Click to join Lair_of_the_Ancient_Dreamer Age: 32 Sex: Female Formatting issue solved!!! Woohoo!!! I live in the sunny, hurricane prone southwest florida panhandle and love the t...
  • CrimsonRogue

    Biggest single piece of information about me: I like the darkness. Seriously. I like fanfics where the protagonist's morals are iffy to start with or where the "Golden" hero's morals are corrupte...
  • xwingace

    If you wish to contact me, because of a review or response to a review I gave, you can email me at xwingace@gmail.com
  • paddyboy3960

  • Taure

  • DrT

    Writer & reader of Harry Potter fan fics when not being a History professor.
  • MasterKtulu

    I wrote a Harry/Bellatrix story called “Fear of the Dark” ( http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2139938/1/ ) that never got anywhere, so I abandoned it. I gave a few authors permission either to pick-u...
  • Meteoricshipyards

    Just a fan fiction fan, and writer.
  • paracelsus

  • Alorkin

    I am a 47 year old widowed father of one 14 year old daughter. I work as a carpenter and in those precious few moments I have between those two jobs, I like to read and write fanfiction, draw and ...
  • blackshadow

  • malko050987

  • Pillsy

  • Prince_Charon

  • Ham

  • Lisse

    Lisse likes alternate universes and contact sports. She's slowly updating her account to include all her ff.net stories, or at least the ones that don't make her cringe too badly. She's also on...
  • EmeraldStag

    25, Male. AIM SN: emeraldstag YAHOO SN: emeraldstag Favorite HP ships: Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, Harry/Tonks, Harry/Harem, Harry/Lavender, Harry/Pansy, Harry/Ginny/Luna Fandoms: DC Comics, Har...
  • Kairi-kun

    Hmmm...what can I say about myself that hasn't already been said? Well, I've been pretty active at this crazy fanfiction thing for a very long time...I've drawn influences from various anime and ol...
  • pettybureaucrat

  • scruffy1

    Just an old man with eight godchildren. Working for a company that is restricting personal use of THEIR computer during lunch and before work more and more. Writing FanFic during my lunch time ...
  • tumshie1960

  • hokiechick

  • sandalhatman

    Not really too much to say. I've been reading FanFiction for so long I decided to try my hand at writing some. Funnily enough, I wanted to start out by writing an HP story, but instead I starte...
  • BiteMeFerret

    Hello there! You may call me ferret. My user name comes from my unshakable urge to always use Draco in most of my hp stories. This is where I will be posting my more mature fics, a fact which...
  • Chaos_Queen

    I love Harry Potter fanfiction ( duh ) and I have two adorible dogs. Anyone who has read my stories can tell I am one of the most pathetic spellers on the face of this earth. It is sad but a fact. ...
  • andromeda

    HP Fanfiction: www.unknowableroom.org/profile/andromeda www.unknowableroom.org/profile/andromeda311 (lost my password, then my internet went crazy and I couldn't login anyway) www.fanfiction.net...
  • LordSeagen

    Ex Navy, heavily into role playing game (D&D), science fantacy, and Harry Potter.
  • Zuppi

  • lady_remus

    Hiya My name is Helen. I'm 23 and from Manchester in England. I have been writing fan fiction since May 2006. I am putting every one of my fan fiction since the beginning as they were first put...
  • moshpit

    NEWS: January 2007 Aside from Echoes, some of my new work is not acceptable for content reasons over on SIYE. You may find some of the other stories I write at here at FicWad. All of my storie...
  • Jetamors

    Just a grad student. I used to write in HP, but now I'm in anime, Bleach mainly.
  • PerfesserN

    Married with three cats. Guitarist and occasional sketch artist, painter. Writer of things seen and unseen.
  • sea0tter12

    I'm a copy editor who started out as a beta, and I recently worked up the courage to start writing. Hope you enjoy!
  • SaraWinters

    Writer and amateur photographer.
  • xxsapphireravenxx

  • lancelot47

  • zerodark9

  • Clell65619

    - Sadly, I've stopped posting on Ficwad because the interface for uploading to the site has just become far too much work. I spent an hour and an half attempting to upload a chapter to Sun Source a...
  • Immortal7

    Just a reader and mild writer of different stories. I know I have a problem with spelling and grammar in my stories, but sadly I'm a bit of a recluse and a tiny bit sporadic with my updates. Howe...
  • HarryGinnyTonks

  • BrotherBludgeon

    Fake Bio: I was born in a log cabin in the Arctic Circle, where I was promptly abandoned by my mother, who had chosen to devote her life to the health and welfare of arctic mammals. Well, to the h...
  • ehc117

  • smfiction

  • The_Blood_Rider

  • bluminous

  • mohd7590

  • NightmareAhead

    I am a freak.
  • JaCeeisme

    Bio? We don't need no stinking bio!
  • reptilia28

  • canustakemyheart

    only one other person knows i write this shit (and i have real balls even being here) ... and i'll stop when the stories are told ... or when both our cars collide. meh. "I never got into expres...
  • ThisbeHecate

    Well, I have had many people inquire as to why I have not put my short stories as one long fic. It is because I do not view them as one. It is for that reason that I will not post any new stories o...
  • magicmuffinseeds

    I'm 22 and i work, nuff said. I have been reading fan fiction for a while and have decided to try and write my own set of stories. Most of my work will be AU as i encorporate my warped mind into th...
  • Nightrunner

    Sex: as often as possible Age: old enough to know better Eyes: 2 (4 with glasses) Hair: yes Height: tall enough that my feet touch the ground Weight: nunya bleedin' business! Marital status: ...

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