• Username: SarcasticPirate
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  • Member Since: 2009-09-23
  • Real name: Moonchild
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    Seventeen, queer, always sleep deprived. L0ve m0i.
  • Merci

    I'm Merci and I like to write (mostly slash/yaoi (male/male)). I don't update this account too often. I have a writing journal where I post all my stuff, complete with table of contents post a...
  • darkviolet

    Fans of my chemical romance unite!!
  • ginseng

  • XxkelseyxX

    They're best friends!! :D Read and Review my stories. I'll likely return the favour. :)
  • xXBrokenxRosesXx

  • toasty_vampire

    My name's Toast. I'm hyper, strange, weird, obssesive. YARLY. This account be dedicated to Frerard and MCR stuff. :]] Check out and
  • MCArmyWife

  • browser18

    I'm a My Chemical Romance fan. I know far more about their music than their personal lives which I think makes it easier to write them as my own characters. Worship the music, never the musician. W...
  • DoNotBeAFreak

    My Chemical Romance is my forte, but I do dabble a little bit in other fandoms. I'm known as linskaye on I'm 18 years old and I come from Texas. I love anybody who comments ...
  • crystalcrash

    Hey all! xD I don't know how exactly, but i've become obsessed with Frerard... don't those two realize how great they'd be together??!! Right now I'm working on a story called "The Savior of the ...
  • MyFamousLastWords

    I'm Fionnuala.
  • EvolHexx

    Lizzie 15 Green Day Freak Straight Edge Vegggiiieeee! :) Frerard Lover. (WOOHOO!)
  • IeroMyHero

  • StandardToaster

    Hey. I'm Finch. : D Portland Oregon is the place. . Hit me up bitches.
  • padfoot_001

    blah blah blah and a stick of gum and burnt pizza. :) :) :)
  • Antiquity

    I'm sorry to say that I'm calling it quits in the MCR fanfic department. I've made some incredible friends along the way that have encouraged my writing and inspired me immensely but It's past time...
  • lindsayFTW

    I'm Lindsay.:] I'm 16. and I love Frerard. x] I like writing too, but I have a hard time coming up with ideas, and I never stick to them. So I go for One shots. :] lol. Talk to me on AIM: thege...
  • falloutboyrox728

    Okay, before I talk about myself, here's something I need to say. There are some people on here that think they own all of Ficwad, especially the FOB section. Newsflash: You don't own the wh...
  • RainbowCupcakes

  • fobprincess179

    Hi! The name's Ruth and as you can tell by the username, I'm a Fall Out Boy fan. Always will be. I like to write fanfiction and I love to read them. Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance are my ...
  • vampyGee

    If you want to know more, look me up on facebook.
  • SmashAuthority

    I'm 23 years old, I'm from the UK and i love to write! Am a huge MCR fan! Batman is my fave superhero BTW.
  • Wicked_Lovely

    I'm over, getting older.
  • whoah-that

    table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body, .bodyContent { background-color:000000; background-image: url(
  • hannahfrerard

    Hi, I'm Hannah. I wrote all these fics a couple years ago, and even though I've passed the stage where this interests me, I'm leaving my fics up for nostalgia purposes, haha.
  • CosmicZombie

    Lucy/CosmicZombie. 17. My Chemical Romance, Fearless Vampire Killers, Ashestoangels, The Used and LostAlone enthusiast. Writer. Freak. Aspiring bassist with anxiety issues. History geek. Technology...
  • theescapist99

    Fact: My name is not really Myren. Any questions may go to the askbox in my tumblr, as it is the easiest way to reach me. Thanks. :)
  • ONotz

    I have been banned from this site and anything related by my father. Any further uploads will be uploaded by RyanCyanideKiller. Okay guys. I am no...
  • AnotherKnifeInMyHand

    Hello and welcome. I'm Emily. I write mostly Gerard Angst and Frerard, that's all you need to know when reading my stuff. Enjoy your stay.
  • SpencerG

    I'm awesome, happy, depressed, hyper, bisexual, disturbed, friendly and horny. I love reading and listening to My Chemical Romance, Avenged Sevenfold, and 30 Seconds To Mars. I write whatever I bel...
  • fueledbyPanic

  • Haze

    I live in my head, and it produces some interesting people and stories that I like to share with you all.
  • -TheGhostOfYou-

    I’m good at writing about the darker, more insanity driven things in life. I try to make my characters so beautifully psychotic that you can’t help but to pity and fall in love with them at the...
  • AtomicAftermath

    Not much to say, I love to write stories. My Chemical Romance, i aM mE, singing, dancing, writing, drawing, being a killjoy, The Maine, You Me At Six, Mindless Self Indulgence, leaTHERMOUTH, Pen...
  • missalexandria

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