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Malon/Link ficsSaami1
Trinity Blood fic-about vampires etc...livingontheedge0
any outsiders or fantstic four fics would be greatly appreciated(like, really, i cant stand another day withhout a new one.please post)xomatchstickxo2
Death to my lover [poem] (my best here)lilyqueen7771
Any anime or cartoon based fic with BDSM over tones....Quiet_Angel0
looking for this fic...cali_girl1
Humor-Star WarsHRT0
2001 Maniacstomboyangel0
Aerosmith fiction....sweetlola7
Spongebob squarepantskiki_wonder0
Fuzzy Love Anyone? (Kingdom Hearts Fiction)taker1
Adult Fanfiction?Forever_onlyxyours10
Anybody Looking for HG/SS (Harry Potter) ????LoveSnape0
Indepdent themed Harry Potter FanFicsShobs1