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Hello Hello From the EHW
Hello Everyone,

It is nice to have this new dandy Forum. waves

I sort of write, and I usually get around to posting a story or two. I read fiction at random, so some of you might have gotten a review from me.

I look forward to having a more direct chat with everyone, because that's a good time.


It's nice not to be the only non-admin on here. ^^* So, uh, welcome to the forums. ^^
Welcome welcome! I'm sure more people will trickle in over time--I'm looking forward to it, too.
(I think that's partly because I feel a little self-conscious seeing my name as the last poster in everything. :-P)
Thanks for the welcomes! I did not know that I had received replies, because the forum does not yet send out emails.

How do the two of you like the site so far? It's a pretty enjoyable place to me. Everyone's been helpful and kind to one another. I haven't seen a lot of senselessly cruel people here, and that makes me feel honored to add to such a collection of beings. It feels that we are all taking a step forward from FF to better archives.

I am on another archive that is like this. The owner is very involved with her site members as well, and I appreciate that more than I could ever express.

Anyway, SunTyger, you are no longer the last poster on this thread. : ) I hope that this makes you happy. love

I'm lovin' it here. Back at FFNet, I had no drive to even go to the site unless I was craving a particular flavor of fanfiction, or to post something... But I forced myself to check back about once a month to make sure that they didn't retroactively make another of my posts against the rules and then slap me on the wrist for not deleting it (although that one might have been posted after the disabled script format). I don't feel like I'll ever have to go back and delete established, well-written, well-loved pieces because they're suddenly against the rules. I feel like I have total and complete freedom here, which is why my stories authored list is so full. I actually want to write fanfiction again.

Which isn't to say that I'm not dissatisfied with some things, but the site is young and I have every confidence that it'll even out as time goes on. I'm REALLY looking forward to being able to exclude tags in searches...

But I've rambled too long.
I will continue to slowly add to my story and lurk here, and see where it goes. Good luck to those who also post there work here and other places as well... Hopefully someday people will actually review other's writing, too.
That sounds like a hassle to have to go back and forth to the site to check out the new rules. I didn't bother to do that with each posting. I read the new rules when they recently revamped the site, and when a couple of times when/since I first joined the site.

I must say that I admire the organization on the new Stats page. I can get a better understanding of what people like to read from me. I am ALWAYS looking for feedback to help me become a better writer.

You really shouldn't have to take down your stories. None of us should!

I don't mind you rambling to me. I love to ramble right back. Again, I don't know when replies come in here, because I have to come look. I have been out of the house the past couple of days, so I try to check when I can. : D

I just want to mention, since the subject of deleted fics came up, that this site has a "blocking" system in place. We don't have very many rules to break, but if a fic is found to break one of them, it will be blocked instead of deleted--this means that it won't be displayed to readers on the site, but the author can still go in and edit it. That way, you can either fix whatever's against the rules, or back it up to your hard drive before you delete it.
What a brilliant idea! I appreciate that more than a site simply deleting my entire account without warning or explanation.

Will an email be sent out?