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new ficwad sucks
everything is messed up. my new story doesn't show up on my profile and my chapters are being cut off and I can't fix it!! this 'improvement' was a definite downgrade. sorry for sounding bitchy, but you all know its true
it kinda does, sorry to say. Also, if you check your profile page, it's pretty messed. I mean, there are no paragraphs, even if that's how you seperated it on the edit your profile page. So basically everything is jumbled up together. There's just so much going on on the pages now, it sucks.
Yeah, it's annoying.

Whenever I added in Kanji or Russian or accents or something like that, it doesn't show up.

And the HTMl...Don't get me started on this.

It looks cleaner, don't get me wrong, but...meh.
I don't know if this is happening to the rest of you, but when I go to rate a story, the boxes either don't show up, or they overlap the pring. Some of them I can't click on because of this.
I'm upset becuase I can't get to the stories I want to read. A story I like has been attacked by low raters ( it had excellent reviews before the site changed) and now I can't get to it to read it! This does suck!
and another thing!
while all the ratings have been wiped out, I can't rate the fic in question because I've 'already rated it' but it is showing only one person has rated it and I sure didn't give it a negative rating!
Yeah I know what your talking about it is driving me mad too.
I agree; my reveiws aren't showing up (its been a week on my other profile) my review count is all screwed up and my story count (see how many people read ur story) is not showing up at all! sorry but i liked the other one; even if this one is cleaner...