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any high school marching band members?
anybody up for a little marching band talk now that the season is over?
Yes!! I'm in a marching band, I love it. My band got silver this year, not bad considering we only have 14 wind players on the field
really, i don't know how many we have but we dont have alot either, what do u play?
bari sax, even though I'm just over 5 feet tall. it's a little sad seeing this girl running around on the field with the bottom of the sax hitting the ground during jazz running. The MBDA (maine band directors association) thinks I'm crazy.

what might you play, oh fellow band person?
in marching band i have to play regualr clarinet, but in concert i play bass clasrinet and i play louder than every one else. its sad
That's funny. I play clarinet in concert band and a giant sax in marching band :-p power to the low instruments!
Will you hurt me if I say I play the flute, a high instrument? x3 I used to play in band, but now I just take private lessons.
No hurting administered! Band peoples are good peoples.

high instruments are fun, except 16th note runs at high speeds... shudders
u people is funny, this guy who marches the tenor(sp?) in percussion used to play flute, and hes this big guy so thinking of him playing flute is funny, just thoought i might say that since we have a flute player with us!
@YourFavoriteLoveSong: Cool- another Flute player lol. I play piccolo too though for Marching Band and a little in Symphonic.

And I hate those 16th note runs.... yuck.....

Is anyone willing to say what their show was for this year? My band's was based around 1001 Arabian Nights, it was pretty cool to play tho. We didn't move around as much on the field as we had the previous years- in fact, last year we were basically running across the field for half the show XD