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*pokes head into forum* Hello.
Hello, newbie here. I write Guns N' Roses fiction mostly, check it out if you want. Um...hmmm, I can't really think of anything else to say, so hi and bye!
Kewl! GNR fanfics! I never read one before! I'll have to check them out! :D
Yes come... come read the GNR fanfics! We'll love you forever!

I'm a forum n00b too but just thought I'd add to Otaku's thread as I'm one of the GNR writers as well. We're a dangerous breed... :D
I do not know many musical theories by them but I like a few. My sibling introduced them to me... Do any of you think I am weird? In one post the others say I am.
Depends what you mean by "musical theories"? To me, musical theory is part of what you learn when you're learning an instrument. If you mean musical stories then that's a different matter... If that's what you mean, then jump in and read our stuff because that's what we write. :D
omg! like i need pplz to read my fics and rate and reviwe! PLZ!!!!!!! i would so mutch apreciate it! and like someone to talk to aswell?
hi everybody! I write My Chemical Romance, but I wanted to say that Guns and Roses are pretty cool. I have to read something about them soon...going to do that now
hey peeps this is dragon rider. i like all kinds of music. i used to be in marching band but had to quit because the teacher was a butt. so, i went into J.R.O.T.C. (junior reserve officer training corps for all who dont know it.) no offense:) i like guns and roses too. but oftin i listen to eveneasence. they are the best in my opinion.