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H'okay. f you like Frerard (Gerard Way/Frank Iero cuteness) then I have a new one I just posted. It's the first chapter. It's all...cute-like. So...go to my page and read it. It's called, "Just GO for it, Already!" I also have other Frerard's on there so...yeah. ENJOY!

Okay, thanks! I shall read them!

Even though Frank is married, I don't think Ferard will die. It will forever live! Lol
lol...(sorry i'm currently having a competition with a friend and i have to say "lol" as much as i can...anyways)

im writing a ferard at the moment :D cuz thats how i roll its called "but i deserved it... or did i??" ... i think... there will be one shot posted shortly as well :D

also i have taken over writing a friends fic... just go to MCRz_babe profile and it will explain whats going on with it, its ferard and i should be doing my first update for it shortly


BAMbee xoxo
i've read it and i liked it. very emotional...even though they're both married, but its a great story.
That's cool! I am going to read as of now! runs off to read them! Lol.