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Review weirdness
So it says "3 Reviews".

But only one showed up when I looked.

And actually, when I clicked on the link from the main category page, I got "There are no reviews yet." Is this normal, or is the server (robust) having issues?
I'm also having a similar issue. On my profile and in the search areas one of my stories is said to have three reviews, while in my review section I only see two.

Is there really another review, or is it a ghost in the system?
Count me in too. I have like 10 reviews and it says I have 0! If anyone figures out what's going on post it.
Oh, I think it's because it takes a while for the reviews to actually be processed through every page of the site.

Like, I had three reviews for one chapter and all three showed up in the review section of "My Account" but when I looked on the actual review page of that chapter, only one showed up.

Then, later, all three were there.

I'm pretty sure it's normal.