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looking fo a harry potter fan fiction
hello I have been looking for a harry potter story I had read but forgot where or the title. It has harry running off from dumbledore, and finding people to train him. he saved some vampires from assasins from the vatican, who trained him. Found and saved an elf kingdom in america, where he learned how to and made a sword. he met and bought a bike from orange count motorcycle. He saved an ancient dragon from death eaters named silvernesti. If anybody knows or finds this story I would appreciate hearing from you. I liked the story but did not read it all before my computer crashed erasing where i had saved my favorites thankx twaptwap72 my e-mail is twaptwap72@sbcglobal.net
I think this is the story you're looking for:
Identity by highbrass
its not active
its active yeleisha...

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