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Patrick Stump fanfics, anybody?
I love patrick stump, and recently I've started reading some fan fics starring the amn himself. I new to this site,and was hoping you could recommend some great patrick stories.

There are some one-shots I could recommend for you by hyperballad13. She's an amazing writer with plenty of Patrick one-shots.

Look For The Boy With The Broken Smile by zildjian1039 is pretty good, too.

Happy Anniversary by girlinthemoon is a Patrick one-shot. That one is good, too.

Opened Once by ClandestineUnited is amazing along with her Master of the Game and Stanger In The Mirror.

I'm writing a story called "Wipe That Smile Off You're Face". Patrick is one of the main focuses in the story. I think you'd like it if you're looking for some Patrick stuff :D