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Rating stories
Everyone keeps complaining about not getting reviews, but what about getting your stories rated? If you like the story, rate it!
I somewhat agree.
But, a review tells the reader what they really think of the story.
But, I do think ratings are just as important. And it's far easier and quicker to rate than it is to take your time to review.

*the writer.

Not the reader.

I despise typos.
I fully agree that reviews are good, and sometimes better than ratings, but how are you supposed to tell if it's a good story or not if you are just browsing?
I think reviews are important, and as a writer, I love them. But, I know, sometimes when reading I don't want to write up how and why a fic is good or bad.
I rate to let the community know what fics, in my opinion are worth reading, or not.
But sadly, it is a common courtesy overlooked by many.
I love the reviews because they give me a healthy self esteem boost, but I would love to get a rating every now and then...if you have the time to review how much more time does it take to rate??? riddle me that
I think that some people are so caught up in trying to review a story that they forget to rate it.
A long time ago (look at the very last page of the categories) people rated stuff a lot. Most of the stories on the very last pages are green!!
I am just a little bit jealous.
The green stories on the last page are partly because if a story has been around for years, it's probably received 5 ratings. My newer stuff is better, but unrated.
Ah. I know so little...
But some categories are really long! Anyone reading right to the end must have quite a lot of spare time.
ratings are convienient, i mean you don't always have the words to relate your response to a given story, but it still shows your appreciation (or at least that someone bothered to actually read it which is a nice feeling) and gives the writer an idea of what was good or needs improvement.
it amazes me that anyone could read thru a catagory all the way. man, that's kind of awesome.