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Write With Me?
I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate with me on a fic. I think it would be fun.
The main fandoms I write in are Motley Crue, and Wrestling, but there are several other bands that I've written fics for, but not posted anywhere. Let me know! =)
It depends on exactly what you want to do. I'm pretty sure i could write with you though.
Well, it doesn't really matter to me what we do, as long as I know the fandom. So, what fandom do you want to write in?
Oh, I have a ton of them that I can do. I'm mostly in the animated/manga fandoms, Naruto, inuyasha, fruitsbasket, etc. I think I could branch into something like wrestling or anything that you started that I could add a character to. Though, If you want to work only with what's been given to us by the author or by god, in the case of people, I have a few bands and more fun than I care to admit learning to work in new genre's. If you wanted to do an original fandom, that would be cool too.

In celebrities, is there a Janet Jackson category? cause one of these days, a fan just might get through security.... XDDD

But no really. Most of my work is a bounce off of something someone else says. So the more you give me to work with, the better off the story will be. I roleplay alot (in the figurative sense, most of it is online nowadays, and I don't mean cybering[though that's fun too] i just rp,) and It's pretty easy for me to pick up the thread of a story once it's been started. It's also pretty easy for me to start it as well. but since this is your fic, and likely to be on your account, I think you should choose.
I think an original fic would be cool since I haven't tried that yet. I mean, I write bits and pieces of stories down, but somehow they never get finished. Lol. Here, email me and we can discuss it a bit further and get started.
If you want, I'll be happy to write a story with you. I mainly write original stories, though.
Original stories are cool. Email me, Mort Permanente. :D Please?
This sounds like fun.
I'd like to write with you, if you want. If you want a sample of my writing style, I can send you something. I can do a lot of categories. I reluctantly admit that I write a lot of erotica, but there's humor, romance, sci-fi, and all other types of stuff mixed into it. If you want nothing with erotica, I can tone down my writing. I love writing fluff, actually. It makes me feel all warm any fuzzy inside. Either way though, if you wanna write with me, let me know please. I'd like to read something of yours to get a feel for your style of writing. I'll admit that I've never written about either wrestling or Motley Crue, but I'm willing to give it a try. After I get a feel for your writing, just tell me what you want the basic story line to be about and I'll try writing something. If you like it, that's good. If you don't, then I won't be offended. Like Mort Permanente, I'm more manga/anime oriented, and even some games, though I've never posted any game fics. Anyway, just let me know and sorry for the long winded caption here. ^.^'

Thanx for your time.
That's cool. I write pretty much what ever I happen to be interested. You can smaple more of my writing at www.communit.livejournal.com/snner_fiction
Feel free to leave me comments, lol.