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You know you're a band nerd when people helping you undress is not sexually stimulating!

(Feel free to add some!!)
You know you're a redneck when you've square danced at the local Waffle House.
You know you are an Anime Girl if you walk around in cosplay clothes and roleplay; when people look at you weird, you wonder why.
You know you're a fangirl when you glomp without warning.
You know you're an obsessed fan when you've gotten a restraining order from someone famous.
You know you're a nympho when church steeples turn you on. XDDD
You know you're an author when you spend hours trying to describe the color of a character's hair in the perfect way.
You know you're a germophobe if you can't use public bathrooms, even if you really have to go.
You know you need to get a life when you've started organizing your sock drawer by color.
You know you are from texas when you can say "everything is bigger in texas" and mean it.