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Hey, I think we really need an adaptive search. Other than that, it looks great!
If the site operators/owners want help from a DBA and web savvy developer to get search working without taking the site down, I'm here to help. Free of charge.
I cant search on this website! It keeps saying that my Google dont allow it or something. Can somebody fix this please!
Same problem as MidniteRaiderJJ.
what is up with it? every computer i try and search on has the same problem
Can't use the search either. On another matter, when it comes, it would be great if it was possible to search not only using rating to include or exclude but also who the main characters is, what genre and warnings. I'd also like to include here that I miss the option to decide if I want to read het, gen, homo, erotica or whatever.
i have the exact same problems! it will take forever to read the stories i actually want to read without a search with main characters -_-;
For now, if you want to use Google to search, you can make it handle ficwad by adding "site:ficwad.com" (not in quotes) to the search query. To only search stories, which usually works better, make it "site:ficwad.com/story" instead.

If you add the full category title section at the top of the page (e.g. "Categories > Books > Harry Potter") in quotes somewhere in the query, it'll search that category.

Genre search: add "genres:*fantasy" in quotes, replacing fantasy with the genre you want. Note the asterisk/star.

Warning search: this only half works, but add "warnings:*v" in quotes, replacing v with the warning letter. Only works with actual letters, so !, !!, !!! and ? won't work.

Character search: add "characters:*someone" in quotes, replacing someone with the person in question.

With each of these you can't search for more than one as Google doesn't have a "near" operator. If you know the order, you can do it by putting more asterisks between each thing, e.g.
but it'll only return pages with them in that particular order.

You can turn each of them back on themselves by putting a hyphen/dash before the opening quote, e.g.
to avoid fantasy.
Sorry, the "multiple genres" thing got messed up by the forum's markup dealio.

Just realised though that the genres and characters are always shown in alphabetical order, so you can do the multiple thing as long as you keep all the characters or genres in alphabetical order.

Rating search: "rating: g" in quotes.
Use the WC4 to search here
In the WC4, there is a section to search here at ficwad successfully without the crash.
It uses the Google search and special syntax. Because this thing does not accept any html and links, do the following:
1. Go to wc4 . fanficlinks . com / fanfiction
(remove spaces)
2. At your left, click on FicWad (under specials)
3. You see the FicWad genres and go down until you see the link 'FicWad - Advanced Searches and Queries'
4. Click on that
5. THere you see a list of pairings and Harry/Multi. Click on one of them
6. On a new page, you see the result of the search with Google for FicWad (that is what FicWad suppose to do with their search)
7. After that search, you can customize it as you see fit