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Whats up MFs?
Just joined.
Quite riled up to be on this jazzy site.
Hope you can spare me a review or twoo when I get to the posting.
Not too killer, but I'm no moron and that's all I can promise about the fics. You'll have to see for yourself ;D
I like punk music. I like comic books. I'm a technical Nerd fighter.I like drawing mini comics (like Jellyfist) I have cacti in my room and was scared of my heartbeat as a kid.
Yeah you heard me.
I'm a Nerd Fighter.
Honestly psyched. I love all your fan fictions!

jazzy site? wtf !
ok you need to not say jazzy site for three resons....

1. you sound 80

2.you sound stupid

3. that just dosent sound right.
there you are three resoins not to say jazzy site ever again

btw im kaley148
nice ta meet cha
im a nerd fighter myself
country music is my music of choice
see you on the site
and remember jazzy site no cool site yes
bye now