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Konnichi wa FicWad
I'm very glad to find this site as I've had trouble with other more elitist fanfic sites, which shall remain nameless. I'm glad to see a site that's more interested in giving people a place to publish their works than in having a bunch of stupid rules.
Great, another wapanese loser.

Look, Hito may not seem very smart to you, but really, just as I know nothing about you yourself, we know nothing about Hito. Don't just write this person off as a "wapanese loser" because of the nature of their username and fics. You don't seem to have posted any.

Or were you meant to be satirising the "more elitist" sites?

If that was the case, I apologise, but as far as seeming-nastiness is concerned, I worry.
Now now, let's not knock elitism. All the same, though, it's good to have different sets of rules on different sites.

Just because Hitokiri names her intro topic with "konnichi wa" doesn't mean she's one of those silly wannabes who pepper their 'fics with incorrect Japanese and yell KAWAAIIIIII every two seconds.

Zen444, don't go dissing the newcomer especially when you proved yourself quite the dumber considering you could not even spell Japanese.

Don't go dissing the new ones, and before you even think about beating up on me, I'll have you I can spit fire with the best of them. So unless you have something good to say, don't say anything at all.
And I will hit you with a fish.
Lol Ithilwen
Hands Ithilwen a haddock ^_^
Thank you, but I usually go with spiked bass. I mutate my own.