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Houdini Review
I posted a review to a story and now it's gone. Do reviews that are marked "unhelpful" (not that I thought this one was) disappear? Did the author delete it?
"Unhelpful" reviews shouldn't disappear, and authors shouldn't be able to delete a review without admin intervention. (We really do need to finish the "report abusive review" functionality....)

A few questions:
* Did you see your review on the reviews page for the story?
* Can you remember which story you reviewed, and when you reviewed it?

Once I know that, I can work out where this happened in the system.

(It's definitely possible that the author of the story didn't like your review and deleted the whole story to get rid of it...)
Yes and yes. I also went back and checked the date on the story; the author re-upped it (and a I think a number of other ones so it probably wasn't related to my review).