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Please recommend MCR fan fics complete?
Hello guyes,

Any recommendations for MCR fan fics which are complete? I'm sorry but I really love reading them as completed!

Looking forward to your suggestions! I can't wait to be hooked!

I'm not sure what type of Frerard fanfics you're into... Seeing as I don't read very much smut, I can't help you there.
But in terms of fluff, GerardWayIsSex is fabulous. I think they're mostly oneshots but they're great.
CosmicZombie has a couple of chaptered stories that are complete.
There's a complete series of oneshots called Frerard A-Z which was really cute. Don't know who it's by though.
(And I've written a couple of stories too. Shameless self-promotion, whoo!)

Hope that helped a little!