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Suggesting Categories...
How long does it take? I've seen within 24 hours on the help page, and within a week back on this forum, but it's been over a week and the one I suggested (The Nightmare Before Christmas) hasn't been added. Of course, the within a week thing was said back in August, so things may have changed. I was just curious as to when to expect it.
Sorry -- we went out of the country over Christmas, and fell out of the swing of things. I've gone through the recent submissions and added most of them, including yours.

I've been trying to get "Courtney Crumrin" and "Charlie's Angels" added (I already have stories written). I thought there was something wrong with my computer, that you weren't getting them. Did you decide not to list them because it looks like I was spamming you? Please, if it looks like I was spamming you, it wasn't intentional.
Sorry for missing those! They're both added.

(Actually, you just helped me uncover a bug that we didn't know about, so thanks again!)
It seems I am having some trouble with suggesting categories as well. I applied for "The Mediator" (Books) and "Navy NCIS" (TV) a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard a word! I have stories ready for both categories... am I doing something wrong?? =/
I've been having problems are well. I requested "Armored Core", "Counter-Strike", and "StarCraft" categories in the game section, and "Redwall" for the book section, and nothing has popped up.
All of those have been added.

(We are bad people. Okay, we're just distractable people.)
Thanks a lot!!!!! =) ^^;;
I've requested "Thunderbirds" for both the TV and the movie section (the TV series was first but the 2004 movie changed the canon enough somewhat). Any chance of getting it up there? I have fics for both.

Thunderbirds is added now. (It took so long because it kept getting pushed onto the back-burner for research to see whether separate categories were warranted...)