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One early bad rating kills the story?
The rating filter defaults to zero. I posted a new Harry Potter story and it quickly got a -1 Boring. That's fair comment. One person found it boring but I'm confident that some will enjoy it. But it doesn't show at all at the default filter rating so whereas my other stories are getting decent visits, this one is getting zero - because hey! it's invisible.

Someone do me a favour and read it and if you think it deserves better than -1 then maybe you can make it visible for me. ;) Or alternatively, someone reassure me that most viewers set their rating filter at -1 otherwise they miss all new stuff that gets hit with a single bad rating.
I'll give it a read through- I love HP =]
Thanks KillerQueen. It's just a short fun light weight family story with a bit of affection. I guess romances or sex or big adventures get most attention. So my next story will be a big romantic sexy adventure! :)
I really enjoyed your story,

it made me well up a bit and wish I'd spent more time with my own dad, Your a great writer, so take no notice of bad ratings I guess some people just have nothing better to do than be nasty and unhelpful.

And, I look forward to reading your other stories =]