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Hiya people!
Hiya people, my name's Dancingpixies, or call me DP for short. I love to write Sailormoon fanfiction, and right now I'm working on some Sailormoon/? crossovers. I've finished about two crossover fics, and I have one fic almost completed. There is one fanfiction that I'm working on, but it's on hiatus. Soon, I'll be writing a new fanfiction which is a Sailormoon/Dynasty Warriors, an odd one as you say.
Hello hello! Not a sailormoon fan myself, but welcome to the community, there are other Sailors out there! :)
I like Sailor Moon. In fact, I've been trying to post this Yugioh/Sailor Moon crossover at fanfiction.net but since they have that stupid rule about they don't allow copy-n-pasted song lyrics in stories anymore, they take my fic down every time I post it up. I might try posting it here. I'll think about it for awhile. By the way, I'm new! ^_^
I don't like songfics much but I HATE that rule. It wasn't that they said, "No more songfics, thanks"; it was that they pretended the rule had been there the whole time. Now who exactly was supposed to be stupid enough to believe that? On top of that, the phrasing of the rule forbids even regular one-line quotes.

Anywho, couldn't you just say, "This story was inspired by such-and-such a song," and then post it without the lyrics? I do that with scriptfic A/N's, and I leave a link to ficwad and mediaminer telling my readers where to get the uncensored story.
Bad memories from mediaminer.org that I don't want to get into and I can't say that the song inspired me if one of the characters is singing it.