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A little question
I use Microsoft Word XP thingy... oki... so why won't it let me just upload it? everytime i try, it gives me an error message so yeah... just wondering
I hate Windows XP...

Let me see. Ah. I get it. Save your word file (.doc) as a text file (.txt) or webpage (.html) before you try to upload it.
Or, alternately, insert HTML tags in the appropriate places (italics, etc.) and copy/paste into the text field.
Oh, God. Try Ith's method. Manually inserting tags is an absolute pain in the derriere.
Maybe I'm just used to it because I also post to LiveJournal.
Actually, Forge, I do type in my own tags. I have to anyway to post chapters on my bulletin board, so I just CTRL-F and switch [ to < and copypaste them here.

And if possible, please don't use the expressions "manually insert" and "derriere" in the same sentence.
Ficwad has made manually inserting tags into my stories obsolete. I just save a Word as an HTML, upload it to Ficwad, copy/paste to Word again, and change to [] or whatnot. Ah, such a beautiful thing.

Manually inserting HTML tags is no longer a pain in the buttocks.
Your italics formatting is still there, Forge, but your paragraphs on S^3 run together with no tabs.
That's a problem I need to fix. Is there a setting to double-space between paragraphs?
In my experience, there is not. You must either save in a format that won't eat your tabs or manually add an extra paragraph break. Like I said, I have to do the latter anyway to post on other websites, so it's no big deal for me.