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Hello. You may know me from ff.net. I got sick of sludging through bad stuff to find the "diamond in the rough" so I hopped over here to see what the fuss is about.

And what do I find on forum the first time? A long drawn out discussion about people abusing the rating system. Fun.

cross fingers that whatever she post here don't get bashed by people abusing the system
No place is perfect, but this is worlds better than FF.net, I promise. hugs You will at the very least find a better selection. What fandoms, if I may ask?
Ah, for an edit button. I have just taken a hop down your rabbit hole to investigate and answer my own question, so scratch it! I haven't checked out the FMA selection here, because unfortunately my fandoms are limited. However, I have found the quality of pieces posted in Final Fantasy, LOTR, and Pottery categories to be better than elsewhere. A casual glance at your writing suggests that you should have absolutely no problem with people being silly about rating you, because you have both skills and experience.
I mostly am writing in FF7 right now (thank you Advent Children). I read from a lot of different fandoms though, cause I've played quite a few games and watched a ton of anime. Typical fangirl here!

Okay, not quite. Typical uber-picky about quality of fics fangirl here!
Yeah, almost simultaneous posts!

And Thanks!
You mean that six-page epic over in the technical section or Nightspore's homophobic OOC rater? Never a dull moment around here in any case.