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Something really weird...
I'm thinking of writing a fic from the POV of an OC. I've written a 1500 word prologue and this for a summary...

If Hagrid can cross Manticores and Fire Crabs and come up with Skrewts, what is the limit of magical crossbreeding when muggle Artificial Insemination is mixed in, and Ethics are thrown out? Hagrid wouldn't, but someone else would. What will become of a girl slowly losing her humanity, especially after her creator tries to re-assert control?

Should I even bother?
It's up to you.
I don't discount the theoretical possibility of good HP OC fic, but I don't read a lot of Harry Potter fic and I'm less jaded. You need to ask yourself a few questions here. For one, are you confident enough in your abilities to write a true Harry Potter fanfic whose principle character is an OC and whose story includes few established HP characters? Can you avoid Sue-ing her? And can you deal with the fact that very few Potter fans would read it? I'm divided as to whether I would or not, but I'm a lot more open to others.

I guess, are you writing this for yourself and sharing it with those who would bother? Or are you writing it for your readers? That's what you need to ask yourself in order to decide.
As to the question of her being a Mary-Sue, I don't think she is, largely because there are not going to be any romantic relationships for her, and she's far from perfect. Unless, of course you're using a broader definition of Mary-Sue than I am. She will eventually go to Hogwarts, so all the teachers will be in the fic, but I don't see that happening in the first 10k-15k words or so.

I'm not writing for the attention, I get plenty of that at my DevArt account, but I would like to know if my writing stinks and specifically how it stinks.
If Rowling is only going to write seven books, there will certainly be things that can be done in her universe that she won't get around to addressing. If you use your OC to examine the issues in the context of the Potterverse, as opposed to just creating a horrible awful situation of suffering for a wish-fulfillment heroine (and she can still be that and be a Sue even if she isn't traditionally 'perfect'), it'll be cool.
Well, it sounds like a good idea. Go for it, brah. However, make sure it has some type of connection to either Harry or Hagrid, or else it'd just be an original fic rather and a fan fic.
I would disagree with the necessity to connect the OC with either Harry or Hagrid, or really any canon character. The world of Harry Potter is a unique entity, and putting too much emphasis on the character connection will actually make it MORE Sueish, by making the main character too important. However, where the plot touches on areas already shown in Rowling's world, references should be made if they are appropriate. Ideally, writing an OC should feel natural. The more unnatural things you do to make it relevent or appropriate, the more it treads into Sue territory.
Ok, ok. How about... just cameo appereances by the main characters?