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Better Searching
I think it would be easier to have the ships listed so you can just go straight to the ship you want to read about
Ships? The QEII? The Titanic? The Flying Dutchman? What?

Not all fic is romance. Not all romance follows an accepted 'ship, as you you call it. The maintainers of this site are having problems enough maintaining character lists for the fandoms (and there are still quite a few fandoms that don't even have that). Let alone that they should try to keep up with all the strange names for the 'ships' that people invent for these fandoms.

In the case of categories that have character listings, those should give a pretty good indication of what 'ships' might be concerned.

I would argue for more/ better updated character lists, though. In quite a few of my fandoms, those lists are still completely empty, despite my faithfully typing in the names of characters whenever I submit a fic.