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Hello, everyone! My name's Bitter Irony.
I'm also on FictionPress (and I hate the new format, by the bye). I'm currently in the process of rewriting one of my FP stories, which I'll post up here. I really like FicWad's system of reviewing and rating--meaning I'll probably be out here more than I am on FP! I read some great stories here today and yesterday and I look forward to finding some more!

~Bitter Irony
Welcome, Welcome!

I think you'll really like FicWad, I sure do. The flexibility on here is really nice, less restrictions on writing, which helps the creativity come forth ^^
I agree! The reviewing and rating system is really fabulous!! I'd never heard of FP actually. I got an account, but im now interested to find out about more ficcing sites!! Who knows more??
Well, for fanfiction, most series have their own fanfic sites. For original fiction, I know of a few writer's communities floating around the web (type in "writer's community" in google and see what comes up. Or "Fantasy writer's community" or "Romance writer's community", etc).