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PikaBot Look, I watched ONE episode of Bleach, and it was like a year ago so I don't really remember. But I do remember that at the end of the episode I was gripping my forehead, thinking 'Jesus, I can see where this is going, and it's Sue territory' and not watching any further.
JesusKetchum31 Yeah, Bleach is Sue territory, but only in the same sense that Dragonball Z is. It's full of relatively well-developed characters who just so happen to be unrealistically powerful, in comparison to average and to each other.

It's an aquired taste. I enjoy novel or well-written sues, so I don't mind Bleach so much (although the de-emphasis of everyone but Ichigo and Renji has sort of turned me off it).
PikaBot Did you...just say that Dragonball Z has well-developed characters?
facia The thing is, Dragonball Z characters, while crazy world explody powerful, aren't sues because like you said, they're generally about the same level as each other. DBZ would have been horribly sueish if the characters mainly interacted with/lorded it over other normal characters, but the superpowered folk tended to only run into other superpowered ones, and usually the villain was even more crazy world explody powerful and spent the first twenty episodes beating the heroes bloody. And Bleach having a dozen characters with incredible powers isn't sueish, while Ichigo being incredible in comparison to those dozen characters kinda is. (Then there's just stuff like text being different from image. Cool looking characters are just standard in shows and movies because if you're going to spend hours staring at them, they might as well be pretty ^^ Same goes for having amazing physical abilities or anything else that looks cool when you see it.)
JesusKetchum31 Dude, it's a show that had single battles spanning whole seasons. The fact that many of the characters had basic backstories makes it full of relatively well-developed characters for its niche.

But DBZ characters can't compare to Bleach characters, and Bleach characters can't compare to say... oh, I don't know, House M.D. characters. It's relative, everything is.
PikaBot Dragonball Z characters are not well developed by ANY yardstick. They're all one-trick ponies, repeating the same thing over and over again ad nauseam.

Just because its pacing is wretched beyond belief does not excuse it from the other basics of storytelling.
JesusKetchum31 I've seen (and been forced by my family to sit through) soap operas, romance movies, and action flicks that had more shallow characters than Dragonball Z.
PikaBot No matter how deep you go, there's always another level. I'm not sure I see your point.
Gabi_Texi Has anyone noticed that a lot of the animes that are running right now are boring and there's no new episodes?

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