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I'm new. My names Lydia. I luv to write and draw and sing and listen to MCR and surf the web. I'm alittle crazy and enjoy being told so. I annoy everyone. I'm bi and don't care if u think I'm gross. I like to be me. Avoid me when I'm pissed. The window I punched learned that the hard way. I learned not to punch windows, the hard way. Ever since then my middle finger sticks straight up which is awesome cause now I can flick everyone off without getting in trouble. XD
I have lots of nicknames: Gir, Cat, Luna, Butthead, Pshyco Little Girl, Annoying Bitch. Well daz me. ^_^ ~mwa~
Hi Lydia. I'm new here too. Glad to see that someone else loves MCR =]
Hi Lydia. I'm new here too. Glad to see that someone else loves MCR =] Oh yeah. I'm Heather. =]
Hi. I'm Sinead. I'm complety crazy, and I love coming out with the wierdest stuff :) I LOVE Eminem & Proof! And lots of rap music. I no almost any ? asked bout Eminem, from his name to his blood type, I'm MAD on him!!!! I think about him 24/7 (& im not bluffin). You wont belive how mad i am about him unless u meet me, when i meet ppl the first thing i say (even b4 my name), is 'do u like Eminem', lol.

One thing though, as I've seen from mcr luver & foreverxxhaunted, I've never listened to mcr, but 1 of my m8's luvs them.

I am straight, & have a bf, but i luv flirting with every1, boy or girl, as I don't c nothing wrong wit it, & 1 of my friends is gay, another is les. I also don't like racist ppl as im white & my bf is black, & b4 when we were out some dicks started sayin shit 2 him coz of his colour, & my m8's bf is mixed, & 1 time he got beat up by a gang of lads coz of it :(

Bye 4 now!
hey im Britton I luv to be on my own and people rarely get on my nerves im so laidback that way. I know im kinda wack but i am completely stuck on anime! I luv my friends but i also like to be alone sometimes. my room is the darkest room i the house. Im kinda randome too. like this one time i took a personality test and it said I was a vampire! Ever since Ive been ubsessed with vampires and because my sister gave me a book about them. Guess what my sisters name is Heather too.
Hi Britton, i also luv 2 b by myself, i'm not a ppl person, i'd rather sit with my dog & cats than ppl. My bro is obsessed with vampires 2, and i like all of the vampire movies, lol. I took one of dem tests on da tinternet b4 and it said i need a mad house, lol.

What anime r u into?
MCR Story...
hey there MCR luver. I'm a new writer on here and...guess what? I love MCR too haha. Actually i was wondering if you could give me an idea for a story. Usually I'm good at this but with MCR it's kind of weird. If i like your idea I'll write a story for you. Just thought i'd share the love. Lemme know what you think. ^_^