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Crappy Writing?
Why do people jump right into writing thinking they know everything? The truth is that they know very little. I have come to find this by just reading the forum. I have learned that people on this site get angry when people don't write anything, that's true. But people hate it even more when someone writes something crappy. People need to take their time, relax. If you plan on writing a story in five minutes, adn think others will call it decent. Then you thought wrong. People look for dialogue and some even look for nasty stuff. Here i my step by step process of how to write a good story, and get it so people like it.

1. Decide what you want to write about
*Very important when making a story. You don't want to reate two stories and have them collide (unless it's like a love story and you are telling both sides of th story, o a murder mystery)

2. Decide who you want to read it
You can't choose who will read it but you can choose who will enjoy it. Do a little research in the biographies of the people who you want to enjoy your story. Make sure the people are associated with that catagory, or it is just stupid.

3. Write down a few ideas.
Build off of your ideas, but don't write jibbeish.

4. Write the story.
Make sure that you watch your grammer, puntuation, and capitalization.

5.Re-read your story.
Make sure it sounds good. Fix any mistakes at this time as well. Also, think to yourself, does my stor make any sense at all?

6. Send it to a beta-reader.
I know you may feel like your writing is so terrible that you're being forced to get a beta reader to re-read your story. But beta-readers are really helpful. They can tell you things that you didn't even notice about your story. I am a beta-reader. So send me your story and I will look over t and haev itback to you within 6 hours. Send it to my e-mail: orochimaru1029@yahoo.com (Correct the things that the beta-reader recomend to correct

7. Post the story.
Choose a good title. Something that means something, or something really stupid. But don't make it to serious that it's stupid.
Do not post a stupid summary. Ask the reader something that will have them on the edge of their chair. Mysterious perhaps. A cliffhanger. I don't like em' better off telling the reader wht's going to happen and let them get all the details, but whtever works, right?
Put the proper ratings on and list all of the characters, don't forget warnings and genre's.

8. Wait for reviews.
Don't get mean about responses to review. The reader was just trying to help you.

9. Dunk your head in a cake.
Cause you finsihed a story! WHOOO!

Hope that you have a better understanding on how to write a story.
I like point 9.
Hmmm, several things you should think about:

1) When deciding to write a story, or even a forum post, proof-read a bit more. And, check out your phrasing.

2) Research the biographies of potential readers??? And exactly how is this possible. Not many really tell the truth when online. I know I do not tell everything, particularly my age. It is easy enough to figure that one out by reading my writings and postings; well, easy enough to tell I am not twelve.

3) Not much to do with this one.

4) Ah, yes. This is one too many ignore.

5) Cannot stress this one enough. And, re-read your forum posts.

6) Beta? What is that? Some should really ask this question.

7) And, try to be intelligent in your summaries and postings.

8) These are not are very forthcoming. You will go weeks and months without a review. Always be polite, even to flamers; especially if you cannot insult them without their knowing it.

9) Okay, you got me on this one. What exactly is this supposed to accomplish? "finsihing" a story is not the end. There is endless proofreading, betaing, tweaking, and just overall polishing. The problem is that too many just post without reading what they have written.

10) This is not the way to write a good story. The first thing you must learn is proper grammar and spelling, not to mention sentence structure and delivery. Then, you should read everything you can get your hands on. Even a newspaper can teach you things. Then comes the practicing. After all of that, you MAY be able to write a story. It is not guaranteed.
Rous you have alot to learn. There are some things that I would like to point out to you, okay.

1. First you call me out for lying about my age when I stated that I was only a year older than I really am(I am 16 I told you 17). Plus you have some nerve to yell at me for lying about my age, when you lie about yours. I would like you to tell me the complete truth, how old are you?

2. Orochimaru1029 tried the best he/she could. It was very well written. But of course for you, everythingha flaws. Someone can't post one thing without you tearing it down. You critize so much. You are never kind. You lie on here as well.

3. On your critzism #10. That is a good way to write a story. At least for beginners and most are beginners. Plus wearen't are a "skilled" as you are.

4. On critzism #9 There is not "endless" proofreading. If we make (and I quote)"There is endless proofreading, betaing, tweaking, and just overall polishing." If we make stories lik that then they will end up like yours. -1, boring. You can't tweak yor stories so much that it becomes boring or not even a story. I am sure that no matter what the story you can find flaws in it but others don't.

You get to critical. I am not complaining, this has gone way behond the exterrior of reviews. You have no good responses unless it's a question.

I came back onto ficwad to tell you that you aren't always right and that you are a dirty liar. You yell at me, tell others that the shouldn't argue, or talk to for that matter, to me. Yet you have been lying about your age the entire time. I will admit that you are probobly not twelve but the internet turns a writer into anyone who can spell a one letter word.

Thanks for reading. i had alot to say. I wish to write more stories bu since the ass Rous decided to make a fool out of someone wh he was equal to.
Not this shit again.

pinkfroggie, you seem to remember some sort of wierd Bizarro version of the conversations, as I seem to recall you claiming to be twenty years old, and I don't remember Rous making any stetment regarding his age at all.
Hey pinkie, I am not sure my age was ever in question. I only mentioned that I do not give out my age. You, on the other hand have given us at least three different ages, and you have changed it yet again. I am a dirty liar for something I DID not say. Well, let me tell you something, I will never be mistaken for a ten-year-old, which is what I still maintain you are. Your post is so full of mistakes and lies that I can hardly type for ROTFLMAO! I must say that this thread has been entertaining. And, please, do not quote me; I am afraid you will mess it up and make me look bad.

Oh, and pinkie, you should not make assumptions about people, son. You could be wrong. And, if I were you, I would avoid posting in forums until your writing skills improve. You only reinforce the belief that you are ten.

As for finding flaws, yep. I found quite a few in some of my favourite authors. That is what reading gets you, the ability to find errors. But, at least I could read their stories. Yours are incomprehensible. When you come back, perhaps you could learn how to properly post your stories.
At least I have lost my mean streak to others (besides you). I don't get why you want to just ruin my life on here. There is not exact reason and it is not ver obvious. But what is obvious is that you hate me and want me off the site. Well let me spell this out for you: I a-m n-o-t l-e-a-v-i-n-g.
So I don't care what you think of me because we are COMPLETE OPPISITES!
I did lie about my age. The EXACT TRUTH is that I don't have a sister. I have a 21 year old brother. I moved to NYC from Ireland a few weeks ago and I used to write good stories. While I was in Ireland. But now I am depressed and my new computer has an odd keyboard. That is the reason for the spelling errors. I don't like to re-read my writing, well I did before. This whole moving thing sucks. I hate NYC. I love Ireland. M entire family is in Ireland (besides my parents) Even my brother, Jason, is in Irelnd living with my aunt Beatrice. The whole thing is a mess. I only said those things out of anger. I am really upset with the move.
I am sorry I wasted your time by being on here. But I love to write. When I wasback in my home country typing my fanfiction. It was nice, the cool breeze would sweep back my black hair (I was born and raised in Ireland, I died my hair). If you would just read some of my fanfiction then you would believe me that I was happy. I am not happy anymore and that has effected my stories and poems. I am sorry, you probobly don't care. But this is the truth. I moved from County Claire Ireland to NYC. I am 16 and if you don't believe me then look at my poorly formated story Sakura and Lee: My Love. I was trying to fix the paragraphs as best I could. Thank you for reading this. I would like to know if I have regained my trust with you. Don't believe me then, ask me anything about life in County Claire Ireland.

Thank You.
Rous, may I advise you to start and completely ignore the poster above, as it will give the best outcome. You know pinkie retorted to your post because she wanted to get back on your not so nice but oh so deserved, in-place and still polite criticism. I almost laugh at the arguments stated in the above post, whether they are true or not, whatever.

Now let us not besmear this topic again with the irrelevance of that discussion, for it is orochimaru's topic, and her/his subject deserves the attention.

Indeed, I have also found some flaws in my favorite author's story, though being a pretty obvious, and rare ofcourse, wrong verb form. I still noticed it, praise me?. I don't think so. I still need a beta-reader. On fanfiction.net the forums really are completely left to the community without any sort of supervision or order, so it is quite hard to get what you want there. I have some sort of a beta-reader but because like me, he is dutch and therefore is not advised by most people attending to the rules of finding a beta-reader ^^, and I am afraid he misses the same things that escape from my revising eye due to ignorance of the english language, in terms of stylistic lapses.

You watch it Emiya_Shirou. You are quite mean adn unrelenting at times. I would greatly appreciate it if you would back off. This arguement is between me and Rous. I have changed and most of you can't see through the exterior. Yet you can with other writers? Don't get it, am I that unimportant. Orochimaru, I would like your opinion.

Thank You (but no thanks to Emiya_Shirou
I would rather stay out of the fighting. But in my resuts toward the average scan. I would have to say that I am enjoying the pinkfroggie and Rous's arguments.