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Reviews. My POV.
I've just recently posted a story up in the Panic! category.

Within 8 hours of posting my story i got 5 reviews

that made me happy :)

now im hooked and need my review fix.. PLEASE REVIEW ME! HAHAHA

but yes its been discussed many times before..

before i didnt often review for numerous reasons:
a. not laziness per say but not motivated or moved enough to leave a comment
b. sometimes reviews dont always help or i felt what i had to say wouldnt have made much or a difference, etc.

anyway i understand why people dont always review but id liek to say thank you for the reviews and its very nice of you all. i dont mind if i get criticised as long as its professional and not just ur an idiot, etc. i just want to know if my writing is 'crap' or not thats all.. so far my reviewers have enjoyed my fanfic so yea...

thanks guys thats all
Well, you have to realize that some writers just like to know their story is well received. I hate to see "this is sooooo kewl! i luv it it is gr8." On the other hand, a simple, "I really enjoyed this, it reminded me of...". A comment without all the superlatives is as nice as an actual critique. And, sometimes, that is all that is necessary.

So, go, comment. Let the author know you like their story.
I'd rather see "omg u r amazing this roxxxxxxxxx" than nothing, but I would rather get "This is good but this is not" then that, because I often aim to make people think.