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Are author notes rude?
Alright I have a story, but somewhere else, I'm not ready to post it up here yet. The story has some original songs in it. The author note I put with them is that I would sue them if they took my songs. Now I got a very messed up review saying I was being rude... Is saying I will sue someone for taking what is my hard work being rude???
Well, I find author notes to be intrusive, generally. If the songs are part of your story then I would think an author's note would be unnecessary. It's like saying "Don't steal my story!" If you're worried about someone taking it, don't post it.
By the by, I do think it is rude, but that may be just me. I'm sure other people will have different opinions. It's what you think that really matters, in any case.
There are various reasons for author's notes. I think your example would be a little excessive, since the songs are just as protected as the stories are...

However there are valid reasons to use them, and for most part I would put them at the end of stories unless they're a big deal (and even then, you should to think about better ways to address them).

Like, I'm working on a fanfic right now. I'm putting in a footnote about something I looked up on Wikipedia. Also, I use some non-original songs (for purposes of intertextuality, something I feel is very missing from my fandom). One is from the series I'm writing about, so I'm not doing anything about that, but one is an obscure song by a popular major-label-turned-indie band... So I'm putting a footnote about that at the end of the chapter.
There are ways to say that the songs belong to you without using the word "sue". A copyright notice, along the lines of "(Song title) is copyright to (your name), and may not be used without written permission" might be a way to put it. With a little bit of research, you can find a more official sounding version.

If nothing else, it will alert people to the fact that these are your original songs and you're not claiming that anyone else wrote them.
Pretty much what was already mentioned. I put notes at the very beginning of the story if I am dedicating or thanking people for their help. I have also mentioned issues other readers have had, such as obvious canon deviations, grammar use or what not. I do have original songs in one fiction that are mine. I do not mention anything about copyrights or suing, but I list that they were written for the story. This is a nice thing to place at the END of the chapter in question.

Any use of anyone's work other than your own should always be mentioned. It is better as a footnote with an * after the passage quoted, but can be put at the top. I would remove the suing part. A simple disclaimer will cover that:

"All characters and worlds created by Tolkien belong to him. Any original characters belong to me. I am merely borrowing them. This story and all original material belong to me."
Or something like this.
I've never understood the use of disclaimers. It's tacitly understood that it's not my characters; otherwise, it wouldn't be FANfiction! And it's not like it would protect you on the offchance that the owners decided to take legal action.
Disclaimers are probably a holdover from before there were big fanfic sites. If you were posting a fanfic on a private web page or something, you'd need a disclaimer so people who weren't familiar with the show would know, and people who were familiar would know you weren't trying to pass off your fiction as an original story.
Some can be but I almost put one in there but then right with the one I sent I apologized for what i said too so yeah If you think that you are I advise you to apologise in the same one too.
I agree. I 'hate' (for lack of a better word) when author's put their notes halfway through the story. 95% of the time i find it unnecessary for them to say.. [AN. this happened to me in real life] It can really kill the story mood. Imagine JK Rowling putting author's notes during any of her books. really now! I think notes only belong at the start and ends if you are going to use them. By the way, if anyone has read my Panic! fanfic I'm not being a hypocrit. I only use Author's notes for my theme music suggestions which i find necessary. Any of my readers would know what i mean.
I agree with Tikatu on this one...Saying that they belong to you and please do not use them with out written permission would suffice. And as far as other notes would just depend on what you are trying to get across...They have their places