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Deathly Hallows theories
I was inspired by a podcast by SPQN called the Secrets of Harry Potter to look and the title of the upcoming book in this way. Some of the following is taken from there whether I agree or disagree, and some is original.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Deathly – 1. Like death: resembling death or somebody who is dead
2. of, relating to or suggestion death.
3. Extreme: high in degree or intensity

Hallows – 1 . Make Holy: to make somebody or something holy
2. Respect greatly: to have great respect or reverence for somebody or something

What is/are the Deathly Hallows?

The most obvious answer is that they’re the horcruxes. For that reason alone – them being the most obvious I would argue for there being discounted and a choice. JKR almost never goes with the obvious choice and her titles rarely offer a major clue to the plot of the book. Take GoF for example, the goblet of fire is used once and only appears in two or three chapters and has nothing to do with the main plot. It can be argued that the titles SS/PS and CoS offer a larger insight into their books, and in a way they do. In SS/PS, Harry spends most of the book looking for the Sorcerer’s Stone, but in reality this book is less about that artifact than it is an introduction to the wizarding world and an establishment of who is who and who plays what role in Harry’s life. The truth is reveled to him about his parents, his character is established and a clear line is drawn about who he considers friend and foe and that line has yet to change. So the Sorcerer’s Stone is merely a side issue to everything else. The same could be said of CoS. This book expands the cast and further draws lines, but is really setting the stage for book 6. We see the first of the horcruxes and see Harry destroy it will little effort (the effort was put forth to kill the basilisk not destroy the diary that was done with apparent ease.) The other books titles follow this pattern. None offer a major insight into their book. Even in hindsight the title itself only plays at most a minor role.

They could also me something that Harry uses to destroy the horcruxes, some relic like the Sword of Gryffindor he used in book two that helped him kill the basilisk to get the fang he used to destroy the diary, or like the fang itself. We never did find out exactly what Dumbledore did to his arm when he destroyed the Ring, it is possible that Harry needed these relics, or that only Harry can do it being linked to Voldemort as he is, or that the diary was men tot be used in such a way and there simply were no extra protections placed on it.

Who is/are the Deathly Hallows?

HallowS implies that it is plural, so if it is a ‘who’ then it is most likely a group. The groups we know of in HP are the Death Eaters, the Trio, the DA, and the Order. There are other groups of course, the Marauders, the Ministry, each Hogwarts house, but (and I could be wrong) I don’t feel there is reason to include any but the four mentioned above in this analyses.

The Death Eaters – there is the obvious connection of both terms using death. The DE”s are a deadly group. But there is nothing holy about them. However the same argument could be used for them that is used for the horcruxes, they are honored by Voldemort. They are his loyal followers.

The Trio – (if the Deathly Hallows are indeed people I think my vote goes here; however, I don’t really think that they are people.) the Trio, Harry, Ron and Hermione, will be the main ones hunting down the horcruxes, they will be deathly in that with the destruction of each horcrux Voldemort comes closer to death. And they could be considered hallowed in their mission to destroy Voldemort.

The DA – This group, mainly the core group within it that went with Harry to the ministry, the trio plus Luna, Ginny and Neville, has proven itself to Harry as battle ready and as an extended support group that he can trust to do as he ask and watch his back. They could be an vital part of finding the horcruxes, and thus, for the same reasons as the Trio, Deathly Hallows

The Order of the Phoenix – this group is to Dumbledore what the DA is becoming to Harry. They are older and wiser having lived through the first war. The same reasoning could be extended to them as was to the DA.

When is/are the Deathly Hallows?

This is where my vote lies. I believe that the Deathly Hallows refers to an event that will take place in early in the seventh book, on All Hallows eve to be precise. Some Major event has happen almost every year on Halloween for Harry, his parents deaths being the most notable, but also the troll incident that brought the Trio together, the reopening of the Chamber, Sirius’ attack on the fat lady, Harry’s name coming out of the goblet, no major events happen in OotP except that the DA is formed near then, and the same can be said for HBP except that Harry first starts to learn about Riddle near then. JKR had lulled us in with the last two books to think that Halloween is relatively safe again. I think there will be some kind of massacre on Halloween in book 7 that will come to be known as the Deathly Hallows by the wizarding world. We already know that several minor and at least one major character will die in this book, and I think that a few of those will do so in this event.

Other possible dates for the event are Beltane, and the solstices and equinoxes, those Halloween, being known as all Hallows eve and the Day of the Dead, is the most likely.

Where is/are the Deathly Hallows?

One possible location is the home or resting place of the four founders. In GoF we are given a clue to their locations in the sorting hats song: “Bold Gryffindor, from wild moor, Fair Ravenclaw, from glen; Sweet Hufflepuff, from valley broad, Shrewd Slytherin, from fen.” These could be hallowed places to the wizarding world. We’ve also been told by JKR that there is a cemetery on Hogwarts grounds. This could be referring to the spot near the lake where Dumbledore is buried, or it could mean an actually cemetery where the founders were placed. As a cemetery that ground would be both deathly and hallowed. It could refer to another cemetery that has appeared in the HP book, the one near Riddle manor, or any other cemetery for that matter.

Why is this thing/person/event/place called the Deathly Hallows?

This question is much harder to answer as we don’t know if it is a thing, place, person or event… but the answers we have mention above are: because they represent or bring death, because many died there or then. It is possible that the Deathly Hallows could be Relics



How are they Deathly? The word means like death or fatal, BUT it can also mean Extreme. The Deathly Hallows could have nothing to do with death but with something that is Extremely Revered. Such as Love. Dumbledore mentioned the room in the DM that was devoted to studying love and mentioned that Harry possessed it in great quantities. It could also mean Unity. Repeatedly the four houses are told to unite or fall. This, it would seem, is another revered quality.

Please do let me know what you think, which if any side you fall on. I am very interested in your response to my theories.
you have a lot of theories
Your theories are interesting, Sailorchick. I like the one relating to the locations of the four houses best. Personally, all of these theories are very intriguing, and I have one of my own to offer.

Perhaps the Hallows have not come up as yet in the storyline. It may be entirely possible that the hallows are not something connected to anything else, but something new entirely to the plot. It seems more central to the way J.K.R. works her [please excuse the pun] 'Magic.' I think that the Deathly hallows refers, in and of itself to something that is relating to dumbledore's death.