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Strange Math
I was consolidating two chapters into a single chapter in the middle of a large, multi-chapter story, and noticed that this dropped the story rating from a five to a zero. Possibly this is a coding quirk that was not anticipated by the mods. It seems likely to discourage editing on the part of authors, however.
I know that if one deletes the chapters that had the numerical ratings, the number disappears but not the label.
Actually, the chapter that got deleted didn't have any ratings at all. Readers had only rated the last chapter, which was left untouched. That's why this puzzles me.
Is it possible that ratings are attached to the chapter numbers and not the actual fic chapter itself? I mean, lets say you have chapters 1, 2, and 3. 3 has a rating on it. You delete 2, so that the fic is not 1 and 3. But the site only sees it as 1 and 2 with 3 being gone. So, since the ratings are attached to 3 and 3 is gone, the ratings are gone as well.

And if that makes any sense to anyone but myself, I'll be astonished.