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Doube you, tea, efff mate? Editing Problems
Seriously, WTF? When I first got here it was like 1/10 chance of "Sorry about the inconveince" now it's 10/10. I'm LUCKY to edit anything. Server really screwed up? Bug in the works needing fixed? What? This really starting to get my goat here between Writers Block (Working on Walkthrough right now), my CD Burner doesn't burn no more, I got discharged from serving in Iraq (joke), and my 20 year old cat just died (let her die naturally, let the old girl have some respect and decentcy to die in her home in her bed... my bed funny enough). I'm about to blow a gasket here. What's up? NOW THE FORUMS ARE DOING IT! >_
Someone delete this, I got an error message, didn't think it got through. It did, delete this. Double Post.