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Just for future reference, how do you suggest a new category? I got confused with the instructions when I clicked "suggest a new category". Say, for instance I want to suggest a new anime category, how exactly would that work? What should I suggest for a "parent category", because I couldn't click on any of the "actual categories". Some please help me.
i feel lik my story is turning into crap....could u read it?? plz...give me tips and watnot....thanks...

luvs cassidy
I hate to sound needy but I could really use a review. It's an MCR fic called The Faces Of Strangers. It's just something I thought of randomly while watching The Black Parade is Dead and also due to boredom. It doesn't have much of a storyline to it, just a girl's first impression of MCR. I am a HUGE review junkie. I love hearing what people think of my stories, whether they're good or not.
read myn plz
i just jpined and i want to know if im any good
Hi! Will you please read my story?

I've been working on it for a year now and although most of its a mess, I've decided to post the chapters I've finished up.

I really hope I can get some feedback and reviews.
Could you please read my story Bloody Rose Pt. II?
I just started a new Harry Potter story called The Forgotten One can you please tell what you think of it and give me anything I need to aprove on. It's only got two chapters but I plan on more so please leave me a review and maybe rate. I have never had my stories rated
I started a new Frank Iero storry called Secret Love Forbiden kisses. can anyone tell me if theres anthing i need to apove on. I only have three or four parts up but there will be more so let me know how it's going so far plllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeee
Can someone please review my Harry Potter story
I don't have any reviews... can you please review me without being harsh? I'd appreciate it! :D

P.S. rate if you want.