Review for Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

Harry Potter and the Distaff Side

(#) noylj 2008-08-01

I still do not grasp how any red-blooded male from our universe could reject a girl simply based on their alternate ego having been male.
It really sounds like Harry is sexually screwed up.
it's the physiology, stupid.
I still want to know if the women of this universe still are the ones who get pregnant and our there girly-men protected them historically?
Thanks for the update. Of course, I wish they were more frequent.

Author's response

- So, if a man you know quite well suddenly shows up at work tomorrow with a vagina, you'd hit that?

- I think the best response to that is 'ew'.

- Physiology is unimportant, Psychology is what matters. The largest, most important sexual organ is between the ears and slightly behind the eyes.

- Your pregnancy question is answered in the author's notes.