Review for Only The Strong Survive (Forbidden pt 2) Cont.

Only The Strong Survive (Forbidden pt 2) Cont.

(#) doyleangel 2010-05-26

Ah great chapter. I kinda feel for Chey. I mean, I totally understand where she is coming from. Here is this little girl in her home that is a constant reminder of the infidelity that Gerard had which caused so much pain, in a chain reaction sort of way. And, now Jasmine is acting out? I hope Gerard doesn't start to pay more attention to Paige or something. I mean, it's not Paige's fault, but Gee has to be careful I think.

Anyway, lol..yeah I totally made it sound like Paige is at fault for all of this. She's not..she didn't choose when to be born or to who lol.

And poor Frankie. I just hope that she ends up with Frank. lol.

And that amber goes back to bob.

Ok, i'm done. Update soon!!

Author's response

Its sort of hard to write Chey when it comes to the issue of Paige as I never experienced anything like that so I couldn't possibly know how it feels, but I think I'm doing ok 'cause you guys seem to be on board with the way I'm writing it so that's reassuring.

Thank you for reviewing : ) I like hearing what you guys think x