Review for Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

Harry Potter and The Invincible Technomage

(#) noylj 2010-10-31

Great story.
Have no idea what Herms means by "dating Harry would be like dating her brother." Can not believe any one would have that feeling for someone...unless Herms only really likes girls.
I can not believe that that total wuss Remus hasn't really considered how much Bumbles has screwed him and Sirius and Harry and harry's parents and Nev's parents and the whole WW.
Just hearing that Harry was dumped on a doorstep at night in November with people who hate magic was enough for me to have no respect for Bumbles....and that is pure canon.
The man is a waste of space and should have been euthanized years ago.
Then there is the missing 24 hours...where was Harry when the WW was celebrating and Minnie was at the Dursleys (not knowing that Bumbles was going to drop Harry off there and without Bumbles knowing she was going to be there and none of that part of canon made any sense but I kept hoping that JKR would explain it all in book 7 but all she did was create the poorest excuse for a book I have ever seen and, yes, this is a run-on sentence but it just makes me so mad).