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Read between the lines

(#) TakeThisToMyGrave 2010-12-12

This was ...a m a z i n g! as usual ;)
Awwh, poor Frank. It's hard to believe there are kids out there actually like Frank, were people don't give a fuck.
Gerard must be lost in thought, eh?
Amazing update :)
Can't wait for the next brilliant update!
Merry Christmas (:

Author's response

YAY thanks for the first reply:D
And it's so fucked up that there are a lot of kids just like Frank and the shittiest thing is they never get a change. I mean after they turn 18 it's: good luck, find a life, bye. that's it, no support, nothing, zip. I heard that about 80% of foster kids end up either homeless or in jail. I started this story after a heartbreaking ep about foster care and that did a lot to me. it made me think how it should feel to be completly alone. I mean I whine a lot and can feel like the only girl in the world, but I know that if I hit bottom (like gerard) I will get help and there will always be people who love me. what does it to a person that never has and will never have that?
And there she goes rambling again, sorry. thanks for the comment and I'll try to update more and sooner.

X Nuky and marry xmass to you too;)