Review for The Hardest Part

The Hardest Part

(#) TheBambooMuncher 2011-05-23

Oh my shit! That banner's freakin' cool and eeee i'm a favourite author :A

I will be on that site. I think it's important for really sensitive issues like that to be discussed openly. I, personally, know that's it's hard as fuck to deal with shit by yourself. Although i don't think anything i've been through is as half as bad as some of the stuff mentioned on your site.

I have no doubt that the stories posted will be tough as shit to read, i also have no doubt that they'll be beautifully written and amazing to read (going on what i've read by you so far).

Love ya too! You beast of a thing! ;D .X -End Transmission-

Author's response

Ah thanks honey:) I just posted the first chapter, and I really don't know what I think of it, it's just first draft, but due to circumstances I may not have much time... I just want to put up as much as I can, even if it's not completely finished, while I search for a new beta with a good rep. Thanks seriously, and btw, I can't wait for another Summertime. update! xoxo jamie