Review for The Bestest HouseElf

The Bestest HouseElf

(#) LabRat 2011-09-04

Screw Rowling, Dobby is awesome incarnate. I love how you captured the pure essence of Dobby, especially with what little info She-Who-Must-Not-Write-The-End-Of-A-Series gave us.

Still don't get why she couldn't let Kreacher be sacrificed, considering he was already old. I mean really, what was the point of killing Hedwig and Dobby?

Author's response

I agree. JKR really had no concept of which characters to kill off. But then, I'm one of those who thinks that someone else wrote the last two books. I think that it was some weird mechanism for generating angst, but wasn't there enough of it already?

Oh well; she's rich and we're not. Sad, really.

Glad you liked it and thanks again.