Review for Piercings


(#) SyraStrange 2012-01-14

Mikey is very... flaming. And the image of him with only a long t-shirt and some elephant slippers on kinda freaked me out... Though he could work it, I mean, he definitely has the legs to pull that off, am I right? And he's Mikey-fucking-Way. I'm so glad you're including Bob here, seriously some people are like, who's Bob? Then I get so close to imploding... To say the least I was very disappointed in that person. Can't wait for the next update! (Huh, that rhymed... You're welcome. ):D

Author's response

Yes indeed. Hopefully he wasn't too flaming tho. And I kinda put that in there because for some reason, I figured Mikey fans might enjoy that mental image. He could so pull that off! I included Bob because it wouldn't be a proper fan fiction if I didn't.

Oh, and why would I thank you for rhyming? But if you already said your welcome... I guess I have to thank you. So thank you.

Now I'm gonna thank you for reviewing my story. (but apparently no rate :/ Nah, just kidding, I really appreciate the review)