Review for Summertime


(#) Drowning_in_Irony 2012-06-22

Hey, this is pretty good for your first story. I like how you write sarcastically so it's more like the person is actually telling it from their point of view. It makes it more fun to read.

And I'll audition!

Name: Caitlin Mae Wilder
Appearance: long, curly, chocolate brown hair with a side fringe; tall and pale; forest green eyes; a small silver nose stud; slim, but curvy.
Style of Clothing: Pretty laid-back, she's all about jeans, band T-Shirts (FOB, MCR, you know the sorts, and then a random One Direction t-shirt that no one can explain.), she's got practically a collection of hoodies.
Musical Preference: She listens to practically anything from rap (Eminem) to stuff like FOB and PATD to Adele. She does not like country though. Like, at all. She feels like taking a pencil and stabbing herself in the neck when it comes on.
Description of Personality: she's very... Strange. Sarcasm is her best friend, and she is sometimes slow at putting two and two together, but she's aassige ball of sugar-crazed energy. She also tends to ramble, like, a lot.

Hope that does it for ya, and can't wait to read more!

OH, and just a suggestion, you'd probably get a bigger response of auditions if you included the fact your holding them in your summary, I think. :) xx