Review for Does anyone remember me?

Does anyone remember me?

(#) Kaleidoscope_Eyes 2012-07-16

I've never read your stories but I clicked the link to Piercings and honey, do not give up now. All your chapters were green. Do you know the highest rating I've ever gotten? 2 and I'm a pretty decent writer (not to sound conceited). Keep going! I'm sure people won't care how long updates take. Keep going! I can't wait to read more!

Author's response

Thanks. :)

But I don't entirely know if anyone will continue to read it. (I probably sound terribly whiny right about now.)

But I'm going to try and continue writing. I've just been.. out of it for a while now. And since "Piercngs" is a cheery, happy-go-lucky type story, it's hard for me to accomplish that mood and feeling.

Nevertheless, I'm going to try. And I greatly appreciate the review.